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    I feel like I should apologize for posting an inapropriate image in the 49 forum. It was rather funny and SmokeEater I hope you aren't mad, your my homie I thought you'd get a kick out of it and I hope you saw it before it was censored. I don't regret posting it but an apology is in order nonetheless.

    And I don't want to start trouble with the admin or whatever mod censored my west side sig. For those who don't know what I'm talking about it's Tupac waving his arm with his fingers twisted into a W(which symbolizes west side and no it is not a gang sign and should be regarded as acceptable as somebody making a peace sign with their hand.

    Thirdly If you think I'm a gangster or think I try to act gangster, you make me laugh. And I want to excuse myself for speaking from an inner city raised woman's perspective on a site that our elders frequent. No disrespect is intended.

    I'm really a cool person to hang with. If you made assumptions about me and meet me in real life you might be in for a big surprise. You know I love my net fame and there are quite a few people I would love to chill with offline. Anyways I'm babbling so what do you think of my new sig?

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    there for a minute, I thought I was gonna have to fill out that 49 permission slip and go on a field trip to see what was posted...thx for the description of the graphics.

    Perhaps it seems more a territorial sign (rather then being owned by a particular organization). You are kind to acknowledge that some find it (the hand sign) offensive.
    I love that song, let's turn the music up!

    Smilies is not my 1st Language


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      To me it's more like displaying love for the neighborhood I grew up in. Which is the west side of St. Paul. Now matter where I live or where I move that's always going to be home to me.


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        it is good to know what perspective was meant.
        (seems you meant well)

        i've seen it used here in CA as a greeting to like minded folks and between friends,etc.

        but again, it is kind of you to acknowledge that not all view it as such.
        I love that song, let's turn the music up!

        Smilies is not my 1st Language


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          I thought it was a dope sig......


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            Here, I thought your siggy pic was x'ed out. I LIKE it!

            Sorry about your other pic. It's just the fear of the unknown! :p
   is what it is...


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              Oh I hate Mondays!!! I'm afraid I might have made an @$$ out of myself cause it occurred to me after chatting with Mato for a minute that my images weren't censored after all because the gallery I got the images from was recently deleted which could be the reason I got red'xed. So yeah I'm going to shut up now cause I hate that I usually am uncoordinated on mondays. I hate mondays......


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                yeah, i'll be awake by Tues.
                I love that song, let's turn the music up!

                Smilies is not my 1st Language


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