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    There seems to be a lot of things that constitutes what makes a person who or what they are. At least in society or media. I know that the situation would be different when looking at it personally...but outside factors (peers, media, etc.) can play a major role on how a person sees themselves. For me, I had a little trouble with some of my peers about who I was. I am multiracial. Cuban, Black, Native (seminole and creek), and Irish. The trouble for me was that not only was I multiracial...I was multicultural as well...So, to some people, it seemed that I was either trying to hide who I really was by being something else or just being a poser. I did however, appreciate the fact that because I was raised knowing my Native roots (as well as other roots)...I wasn't called "Trendian" or whatever...but as for some of my friends whose parents denied their Native claim and they had to learn it themselves...well I just felt bad. It was like...Because they weren't raised native... they didn't have the right to be native...I guess it was the community I lived in at the time...but is it true? Some times you have [eople posing as native because it is some kind of trend but when you have the real thing...then is it diffferent.
    I don't know, this was just a thought.


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