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    Are there any other sci-fi/ horror fans/geeks out there like myself who have been waiting too dang long for this movie to come out??? I know lots were all excited about freddy vrs. Jason, but THIS to me is the CREAM OF THE CROP and had better not be dissappointing!!! Who do you think will win?
    " Whoever wins, we lose."--- great quote for this one!
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    DarkHorse Comic

    I wonder if they will follow the DarkHorse comic line or just mess it up like say, Freddy vs Jason. And like FvsJ both will win in the end, be it an undiscovered xenomorph egg and a lone Predator. It always ends up like that, where both are even in the end. BTW, FvsJ sucked, way to teen for me. I just hope AVP don't follow the teen scene. But I'll still watch it 'cause its AVP and I've been waiting for this too. :)
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      it's supposed to be based off the comic from what I've heard... You know I'm a geek, but I did'nt know they had whole underground societies of role players for this concept LOL... I thought role playing had gone dead except for sci-fi cons.
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        Loved the Alien movies..........Loved the Predator movies
        My boys really loved the Predator movies.
        They recently been playing that internet game "Aliens vs. Predator", thats real fun to watch and play.
        (i took a few turns on it myself)
        We all cant wait for the AvP to come out.
        Like you all said, hopefully it will be worth the wait


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          Predator > Alien

          And you know thissssssssssssss, man!

          This movie opens 8/13 go check it out.


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            I didn't realize it was a game. ALIEN VS. PREDATOR

            I liked both movies, however, I feel the movie itself is like 10 years behind. :dontknow: The same goes for Freddy vs. Jason, in my opinion.

            Nevertheless, I think I'll go watch it. *LOL*
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              I'm still saying Alien's got it.. first of all they can reproduce so darn fast, they are fast as lightning with two sets of jaws, and they got acid for blood... I say the bugs have it! And on one final note... normally the name that comes first in a title is the winner so... LOL... but then you never really knew who won in Freddy vrs. jason did ya? Man i hope they don't pull that stunt in AVP
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                WHO vs Predator

                I like the predator better, but that's my opinion. I have been watching predator over last couple of days. And I will be there at the theater for tickets as soon as they open for sale even if I have to take the morning off to sit up there! Who wants to go with me? *****LOL****** only kidding like that could happen, enit, huh, cousin? AYE! Later days natives!
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                  I can't wait to see this pic. Alien's just biologically evil, but Predator has got the technology. And the original Predator is one of my top 5 movies EVER!!

                  Yep, it better not be fake or cheesy or cheap or I'll start dripping acid myself!
         is what it is...


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                    Ahhhhh Man. Why did they have to mess it up. Another "teen" flick. Great, I hate it when they do things like that. Why can't they leave this one alone, and wait for some one else to make it as all the others a R rated movie. I'm disappointed with the makers of this AVP. I know now how this movie will be, just another teen flick with teen themes going on. Maaan, why can't they pick on some other movie? Why does it have to be this one? Ahhhhhhhhhh Foey!
                    "I Ahula Ula"
                    Enjoying the ride.
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                      But the previews show not one teen person in it??? It's set where the Aliens and the Predators are battling over earth on earth... it really does look good!
                      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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