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  • Area 51???

    Area 51 - Are you a believer ?? You think it really exists-a secret area where the goverment holds aliens,alien space craft, and tests new secret stuff ??

    :e11: Thanks for noticing me!

    Live Long and Prosper! :43:

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    yes im a believer and SHHHHHH they might here you yappin about em its a secret agency


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      Why not? I think our government is into all sorts of thinks we aren't privy to.
      "The Cleveland Indians are going to change their name. They don't want to be known as a team that perpetuates racial stereotypes. From now on they're just going to be called the Indians." - Native Comedian Vaughn Eaglebear, Colville/Lakota


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        Sure, You can trust the government! If you don't believe me just ask an indian!

        The government may be for the people and by the people, but the people don't know the half of it I bet!


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          thats why it really exsists


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            Yeah sure im a Believer, You all have to check out a really good show now and then. www.CoastoCoastam with George Noory.
            I got hook on listening to it at night LOL
            The heart can only smile when your listening to it


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              I totally believe...I think there are more secrets there than what we all answers to many of the questions that history has left behind.


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                I believe! And I don't trust the government, never did and never will...


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                  ohhhh haha i thought this was about that arcade game called area 51 lol.. :50:


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                    yep,it's for real. If you don't believe me I will send you pics of my uncle (married to dads sister) and uncles sister. Perfect examples of alien life forms :)


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                      Originally posted by junkyarddog
                      yep,it's for real. If you don't believe me I will send you pics of my uncle (married to dads sister) and uncles sister. Perfect examples of alien life forms :)

                      ROFL!!! That's awesome!


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