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    With things the way they are today... do you think sex ed should be taught at home? Or do you think it should be taught in the school with passing out condoms and demonstrations on using them properly? What about giving the girls that want it .. birth control without the parents consent?

    What about teaching the kids abstinence or celibacy? Should it be taught at all? If so.. at what age?

    I'll be interested to hear what some of you have to say..... I came from a time when it was not spoken of.. through the free love thing.
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    my two cents :
    I have 3 children, a son who will be 16
    a daughter who will is 13
    and another daughter 10
    With my youngest daughter it hasn't been really necessary yet to speak of such things with her, but she watches enough tv to figure that men and women have sex, it's just that she doesn't understand why yet. "it's gross!"
    But with the two older ones, we discuss feelings about the opposite sex and when can they date, etc. Too much tv has influenced so many of this generation, but also wised them up to quick figuring that sex leads to disease, pregnancy, hurt feelings, bad reputations, on and on and on. I think I've accomplished with them that sex should be between two people who are responsible, mature, commited to each other and love each other. And in that scenario sex leads to all the good things that two people will feel instead of the bad things. Until then while they are young and in school they should be abstinent. Abstinence is a good thing because it gives you time to grow and mature and be who and what you want to be, to achieve goals.
    I do not have a problem with them learning about sex in school, with their peers, but also find it's been very good and beneficial for me to support them and bond with them at home about it also. (It would be terrific if my husband would get involved...but that's another topic that I won't get into right now!)
    Anyways, my son will be 16 in a few short months. I remember being 16 like it was yesterday. Everytime my parents yelled "NO because I said so!", I went right out that door and did it just cuz they said NO!.... so I'm not going to be lame and preach at my kids, but I am trying to understand and remember those raging hormones and puppy's all so confusing when you are young, and 99 percent of the time, it's starts out completely innocent. So what I've told my son is that on his 16th birthday, I will buy him condoms, but I am not telling him to go out and bang every female in town, but because I don't want him to cause an accident or end up with a disease because he was NOT thinking with the head on his shoulders, here's protection..use it.
    I got pregnant young, I was 19,(I am 36 now) and granted I was already graduated from high school when I got pregnant, but still I was so young...So I'm saying here's the condoms, (just like I will soon be saying here's the keys to the car)....BE responsible for your actions, have a little fun, but always protect yourself. Same goes for my daughter's...when they are 16, I will take them to the doctor, discuss the birth control pill or other options to protect them. And probably give them a couple of condoms to keep in case of emergency. But I do not like the idea of them getting the pill without my permission, that seems so underhanded and deceiving. I want to be right there with them supporting them and letting them know that I'm always here with and for them through it all, good or bad. With all this information that's floating around out there, everything they absorb from all sources....they have to know that they are the only ones in control of what they do and my hopes are that they do not have sex until they are atleast out of high school. But like I stated earlier and to them, no one's perfect, mistakes happen, so keep yourself protected and in this you will learn responsibility.

    I never thought I would hear myself be so open with my kids, because my parents weren't open with me, they never gave explanations, they just simply said NO all the time... but I'm learning honesty is the best policy with my kids, I can't tell them not to have sex, but I can warn them and talk to them and show them from my experience and experience of others. Most of the time, teens having sex isn't as great as everyone makes you think it is. But when you are older, and know your body more, you've become responsible and matured, and you find someone who is your soulmate, sex will be wonderful! It's a very good thing and an important part of a couples relationship.

    So I think what I'm really about is wanting them each to be abstinent, achieve some goals, and then find love. BUT if it doesn't happen that way, Mom's here for ya~ I'm walking right beside you!
    Who knows what will happen with my children, but at this point I have no regrets, they are great kids! And Prayer helps too~ The Creator gave me these kids, and I ask His blessing over them every day cuz I can't do this alone~

    Okay, so there ya have it, two cents worth....
    but I hope it's enuff to get by~

    *smiles, later peeps!*


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      Holy crap!!!!....
      sorry bout that loooonnng post~


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        they can teach the basics at school.. all the statistics and such, but the morality beliefs and how family feels about sex should be taught at home. Or if you prefer, teach all that stuff at home and be honest about it.
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          reality is most parents don't teach about sex at home, or at least they don't teach about respecting your body, someone else's body, etc. by the time kids get anything in school it is too late. as far as tv goes. yeah they get the mechanics from watching tv or movies--but even dogs f***. what kids need, what I needed as a kid, was why it is important to respect myself, have boundaries and hold to them. I never got that. Instead I read every bit of smut I could find because I was curious which made 'sex' seem like just one more way to recreate. How sad.
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            Somebody got to teach them, and around here the majority of the parents aren't doing it, and with everything out there floating around to catch, besides some gal getting pregnant, somebody needs to warn them. I got to admit that the one that "explained" things to me may not have been the best in the world at explaining such things but he at least he got the job done :)


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              We were "taught" about all that stuff in Biology and in Morel Ed during highschool. In biology we "learned" about the male and female anatomy, we had to research and present the different STDs and we had another presentation on the different forms of contraception. We were kinda grossed out that an old form of contraception was to use pig intenstine as a condom. Orrr something like that.. it was nassssty anyways!! Sooo that covered the basics...

              I dunno what it is.. I look around and see all these young kids who are doing grown up things! I don't get why the parents/families aren't doing more to talk to their kids. I remember one mother saying.. "ahh we'll put her on birth control".. after finding out her 13 yr old daughter was having sex. Forget the fact that GIRL is ONLY 13... Ignore that she may be doing it cuz of peer pressure, or that she may not know about protecting herself and so on... I mean geeeeeeeez!!!

              This is what my momma said to me: Babies are forever. I also learned from what I saw around me. Friends my age were becoming mommies/daddies... I didn't want that for me. I don't understand why some young people are soooo in a rush to grow up! I mean.. I totally enjoyed my teenage years... being carefree.. and having no bills.. :p I used to carry barbie dolls in my bag... today.. kids are carrying condoms.

              How about the guys? With my nephew (he's 12).. Right now... he's a lil' shy when it comes to the ladies... but we wanna make sure he shows them respect... (oooh gawd).. when he starts dating. For the moment, he's all about Hockey and Yu Gi Oh cards. *phew* He's had the "talk."
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                As a health educator and a mother I would hope my daughter would come to me first. Unfortunately, in today's society it is not freely spoken of in most homes. I've seen my fair share of pregnant teens at work. Ranging from the ages of 13-17. I really believe that sex education in the schools is beneficial.... but the administrators don't. They cut the program and since then there has been a dramatic increase in the number of teenage pregnancies in our county.


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                  They should have a hands on approach to sex-ed. You know learn by example and what not. LMAO!!!

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                    When I was in High School, the nurses would come in and talk to us about STD's (and show us slides :Scared) and I THINK they would pass out condoms. But anyways, my mom never talked to me about it. I just had enough common sense to take care of my body, because I know that I don't want to have kids right away or worse, becoming a *model* for an STD slide errrr. But yes I think parents should talk to their kids more often about the *birds & the bees*. But some kids are at a point where they feel they can't ask their parents about sex. But those slides did it for me! :Scared
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                      Now would somebody please explain this subject to me? It been so long I forgot :) ;) :devil


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                        Originally posted by ndn_butterfly
                        When I was in High School, the nurses would come in and talk to us about STD's (and show us slides :Scared) and I THINK they would pass out condoms. But anyways, my mom never talked to me about it. I just had enough common sense to take care of my body, because I know that I don't want to have kids right away or worse, becoming a *model* for an STD slide errrr. But yes I think parents should talk to their kids more often about the *birds & the bees*. But some kids are at a point where they feel they can't ask their parents about sex. But those slides did it for me! :Scared
                        Girl I feel ya. JOM did a sex-ed program for the native students in high school and I sat next to a guy friend of mine. Man this guy comes in (older man) and starts talking to us about STD's and stuff. And I tell you THOSE SLIDES!!!!!!!!!! We were so ill and I felt sooooo uncomfortable sitting next to my friend! LMAO. We just looked at each other and were like dang!!! After that I was so dang scared of getting one of those!!! Well and plus the fact that my mom put the fear of God in me at a young age and I knew that if I got pregnant in school she really, honest to god would kill me.

                        Plus I was having more fun being involved in school and all that jazz.

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                          I am still waiting ...

                          okay ppl ... sorry ... no comment, as i am still waiting for someone to explain this topic to moi :dontknow: ...
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                            my friend is a state trooper here in md and he said that most girls are losing their virginity at 12 years old... can you believe that!?!?!... 12 years old! (that's like 6th grade!)
                            i see soo many youngin's runnin' around bein' fast and free and it's so scary...
                            unfortunately with so many diverse ethnicities and cultures not everyone is free to talk about these issues in their homes, so i do think it is important that they are educated in schools - and if that means giving out condoms & birth control... then fine... least our children will be educated and protected.
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                              Oh god.

                              This topic is scary to think about because I have kids now. Birthdays come and go and before I know it, my daughter will be a daayum teenager. *cringe* Anybody know where I can get a chastity belt?:p


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