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Weird accidents!

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  • Weird accidents!

    Did anybody catch those figure skaters the other day, where the guy tripped and the woman he was holding in the air did a face plant into the ice. It reminded me that sometimes weird accidents happen. One time I was helping at a Totem Pole raising at our Tribal school and I was holding the guide rope. It was a long time ago when I was young; I was put at the front of the line due being in good shape and being really strong. Nowadays, my chest headed south for the winter and stayed. Anyway back to the story, I was moving the rope and when we had the Pole almost into place the rope snapped and the force was so strong that my hand snapped back in a fist and I punched myself in the head. I gave myself a concussion. I was sitting on the ground and wondering how I got there. Its funny now cause my cousins still occasionally bug me about kickin' my own a**. I laugh and said that I am really tough cause I was able to get back up swinging. I was wondering if anybody else has ever had any weird accidents.

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    not wierd just stupid, lol, i was using aluminum foil and without thinking obviously, i ran my thumb along the "metal" cutting thing...duh.


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      Weird Accidents

      I don't know if this qualifys as an accident but it was weird. I had a friend who was antabuse trying to deal with her alcohol problem. She was doing fine, went back to work and one day she was sweating so she put on some perfume to mask her sweat. She started sweating more and then got sick. In an effort to get rid of the sweat she put on more perfume making her sweat more and feel sicker. She did this a couple of times and decided she needed to go home. She went outside for a few minutes and looked at her pefume, it had alcohol on it. This is why she was getting sick and sweating more, the alcohol was in her pores. I felt bad but couldn't stop laughing. She couldn't believe she was that dumb.


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        The weirdest one I think was when I was about 16 and I was remodling a pair of jeans. I was making the bells on them bigger (bell bottoms.. k? lol) anyway... I didn't have table in the living room I could use so I put up the ironing board. I sewed them .. they were looking good! I put a triangle cutout on the side at the bottom...mushroom patches on the they were cool....oops.. I mean groovy! :rofl2:
        Well it came time to have to iron them so I take the sewing machine off the ironing board and set it in the floor beside it and ironed my jeans. Well I went to go try them on and turned around and tripped in the iron cord.. landed on the sewing machine and then the floor. My leg hurt so damn bad that I couldn't even cry... I couldn't get my breath..... I just made the face and motion of it......... no sound. Well my mom was there and saw it...... she started laughing and said "well thank god you weren't hurt". So then in a bit I was able to yell out.... "not hurt huh... then what the F**K do you call this then?" I showed her my left ankle, I had landed that on the metal tension release on top of the machine. It went in and punctured my leg so deep it didn't bleed........but the inside of my ankle was now on the outside. Bone wasn't broken but I had to have like 35 stitches to try to get it back together. I have one hella scar too!
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          Originally posted by badmaninc
          the rope snapped and the force was so strong that my hand snapped back in a fist and I punched myself in the head. I gave myself a concussion. I was sitting on the ground and wondering how I got there.
          :Chatter :Chatter :rofl2: roflmao im glad im not you

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            kinda weird accidents I guess..

            The weirdest accident I have had was back in college..I was in a dunk tank for a charity thing and when the dunk got hit and it started to fall I raised my arm and the seat hit my elbow..anyway ended up I broke my elbow and had to wear a sling for a few weeks...hurt like a son of a gun too... I also broke my tailbone right before bucked off a horse and landed on the backside....that only hurt for a week of so and I was back to normal real fast...if there is such a thing as normal..
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              Did you see Castro when he fell off the stage a week or so ago? That was funny.


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                how about that great ol dance ashley simpson did on snl.. that was sooo stupid it was hilarious!!


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                  One time it was raining hard and my friend and I had planned to have a sweat that day so we went ahead trying to build the fire. Our poor fire wouldn't get a good start and we were trying everything we could think of then I finally said, "Hey I have some gas." so I went and got the can and came back by the fire. Then I tell my friend that I never used gas before ans neither did she so I said, "Well I guess I just pour it on." Anyway, luckily I had my head covered with a hooded sweatshirt cuz once I poured the gas on, it burst into a huge flame and followed the gas line back to my hand. I immediatley put the can down and felt my face was really hot but I was okay. I looked at my friend and she was staring at me with big eyes and in shock so I laughed and told her that I was fine. Anyway I checked myself out in the mirror and the tips of my eyelashes were singed and part of my bangs but I was fine. :Chatter

                  So my friend and I always remember that time and now we know not to mess around with gas and fire no matter how desperate we are to build the fire :Chatter


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                    LOL! Yeah you never pour gas on a fire. Doh!


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                      Originally posted by Kool Breeze
                      LOL! Yeah you never pour gas on a fire. Doh!
                      The wood was wet and the fire was really small/tiny, just smoldering, we were just going to pour a lil bit on to get it going :Chatter

                      I know I know :rofl2:


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                        Originally posted by Kool Breeze
                        Did you see Castro when he fell off the stage a week or so ago? That was funny.
                        I saw that!!! I'm all :mocking: LOL!!
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                          lol..i thought this thread was about kb telling us about all his "peepee and poopoo" accidents :42:


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                            Originally posted by Burberrilish
                            lol..i thought this thread was about kb telling us about all his "peepee and poopoo" accidents :42:
                            Sure Burbs....

                            and you wanted to read all about it???



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                              In case you didnt notice, I didnt even start this thread. :tongue11:


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