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N E ideas 4 a cheap wedding?

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    Originally posted by Singing Eagle
    Hey E4T - nice to see you on the board!

    I agree that having a traditional wedding is an excellent option. I went that way too and we had a beautiful day!
    It's nice to be on here, but it won't last. I'm trying to make the best of it, logging on everyday. Thanks for thinking of me Singing Eagle. I feel special...............:Blush .
    Fall down 7 times, get up 8. MY FAMOUS WORDS.


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      Originally posted by gubmintcheeze
      Well the vegas/reno/justice of the peace thing is out but we did talk about it. It's just that most people that I have talked to who have done that have said that they wished they would have went ahead and had a regular wedding. Of course most of them are the women and don't get me wrong there's nuttin wrong w the other options. Those are goot ideas tho Washakie. I guess I just thought that my bestfriends just HAD to be maids...could just stick w/my sis huh?
      Don't you have a twin sister?
      Damme ape’semmai, "Andabichidaiboonee’ gimmadu’i.Wihyu memme hainjinee’ nahandu’i. Enne wizha sudei’ tsaangu mabizhiahkande," mai.

      The Creator said, "A foreign race of white people will come, who will become your friends. You should treat them well."

      The Creator sure had a strange sense of humor!


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        It cost us $40 bucks to get married at the courthouse while in college; were still together after 16 years. What's the big fuss. My siblings both had big "white-man" style weddings. Are their marriages any better, heck no! One has just started on her second marriage, and the other one almost ruined his marriage. Did they break the bank and over-spend, yes, yes and yes! It's a free country, only do what you can afford!!! WW


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          me? a skin w/ a twin? nawwww...


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            ok....."white man weddings"...I heard that. What ideas are there to add some NATIVE flair to it? I already know I wanna wear a white turquiose necklace and have some indian blanket flowers/(weeds to some i I thought about some flute and stuff...N E one got some goot NDN eye deers?


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