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  • Death Sentence

    Laci's husband gets the death do you feel about this?

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    I've got mixed feelings. He probably deserves it for what he did. But I still don't believe in the ole eye-for-an-eye. Life in prison without parole would do. is what it is...


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      If the sentence is reduced to life in prison w/o parole.... will it be really w/o parole??? What are his chances of being paroled?

      I'm just wondering because I don't want him to be free. Laci can't live her life anymore, why should he?

      Tough call but the lethal injection is too good for him.
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        I don't like death either... making him sit and think about his wife and child everyday... yeah, or maybe....
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          Im all for death sentence. He Killed the woman he supposedly loved and married and then killed his own flesh and blood...what would have been his first born son ennit??...he deserves to die...just my opinion


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            It may be harsh- but he deserves it. How could he kill her knowing his son is alive inside her. I mean he could of just got a divorce if he wasn't happy. And they found him at the mexican border w/ his hair dyed and how many thousands of dollars in his pocket? When all this first came out, I was pregnant w/ my first child, my daughter Kai and I use to think about all the things she could do and grow up to be- and that little boy never got the chance at even his first breath.


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              This is a touchy subject......I normally would not support death sentences, but in this case it's different because I am a mother of three boys. I just don't know how someone can take a baby's life. That's just wrong.....evil. Even if they were to give him life w/o long would he last in prison? He would probably die sooner that way. Either way he is doomed in this life and the after life. That's just wrong...... Poor baby didn't even have a chance.
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                Life without Parole.......

                But what is done is done, so let it be.


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                  I am one who usually goes for the death me..its good they gave it to him...but the thing I expected was life..because there was nothing that made it truely black and white he did it...circumstantial evidence convicted him. I, for one, believe he did it...just didn't think a jury would pull that off...

                  Laci and the baby are gone...and thats a shame..when people like him can walk this world amoungst us...nothing will bring them back....but at least he will pay a price for his evil ways
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                    This is a very touchy subject - and today for the first time..members of the jury were able to speak to the public. Just thinking about what their lives have been like for the last 6 months - and knowing that their lives will now forever be changed because of their civic duty. When asked why did they choose the death penalty - they very plainly said that the issue of trust was violated between a husband and wife. This man seemed to premeditate his wife's death - the man that was supposed to protect her and her son.

                    Their are no winners here at is still a very sad day and this family, who no one knew 2 years ago, now will never be forgotten.

                    RIP Laci and Connor Peterson
                    Everything is gonna be alright!

                    Be blessed - got love???

                    This b me.....



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                      Stone him to death... and televise it on Pay Per View.


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                        Originally posted by Smokin' Ace
                        Their are no winners here at is still a very sad day and this family, who no one knew 2 years ago, now will never be forgotten.

                        Absolutely.. No one wins in these situations. Nothing anyone does at this point will ever bring Laci and her son back

                        I would so love to say that I favored death, and upon instinct that would be true... but I think for this man; since he wanted to live the "Bachelors" life of party and seduction, let him live it in a cell for the rest of his life. Death is too easy and it wont bring Laci and Conner back.

                        Peace be with Laci's family and those that loved her.

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                          AF..yeah good idea! Put him in a cell...hmmm with Jeffrey Dahmer!


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                            Originally posted by Dazzle_me_now
                            Stone him to death... and televise it on Pay Per View.

                            That's cold dude. What's next selling t-shirts.


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                              Originally posted by colonah04
                              AF..yeah good idea! Put him in a cell...hmmm with Jeffrey Dahmer!
                              Only thing wrong with this is Jeffrey Dalmer was killed by fellow inmates a few years ago.

                              Good idea would be to put in him in a cell with Michael Jackson, when he goes to prison. That would really make money on a pay-per-view.


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