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    How many of you out there have one? What type? And what do you think of them? I have a Motorola V-400, and I love the way the pics turn out but when you download them to your computer to print out they are horrible.
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    I just got the Nokia 3220 yesterday and so far, so good.

    I'm not expecting the best quality pictures though. If I want that, I'll use my digital camera.
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      I have the V300 by Motorola, it was free from T-Mobile. I chose it because I like flip phones and it is a pretty blue metallic. I haven't used the camera and agree with JC; if I was really wanting good digital pics I wouldn't expect it from this phone. And since digital cameras are still expensive, I probably won't be getting one any time soon!

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        LOL...i dont have a cell phone...yet...well i prob wont ...well i dunno.


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          welllll i'm on the market for shopping for a new camera phone.. i currently have a sanyo 8100..its kinda like one of the very first few that were out onthe market last year LOL.. hey it was free at that time! LOL... so now that my contract has ended with fuggen sprint.. i'm a FREE AGENT! LMAO... haha..but i want another camera phone...

          but yeah..i agree with JC about getting quality pics... i use my digi cam :D


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            my daughter has a camera phone....i dont know what kind it is.... i don't like the pics tho cuz it kinda looks like a bubble...or something... and the pics make the nose look bigger...well whatever is in the centre... i lost my cell phone again.... should get another after christmas....


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              i have a verizon camera's the 6100 model. it's pretty nice. it has a flash and can store up to 60 pics.

              but i'm thinking of getting their 7000 model cause it takes videos.


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                I forgot to mention, my new celly has video recording capabilities. :)
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                  i want one just cuz i like to take pics ...not a phone person :P
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                    ive seen them all over but i dont have one maybe some day~!~! :)



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                      Originally posted by Brown_eyed_gurl
                      LOL...i dont have a cell phone...yet...well i prob wont ...well i dunno.
                      dannnggg!! where you living at? LOL JK.... thats cool .... its my only source of communication here LOL...a home phone would not work for me! LOL


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                        she's in sasquatch country....jk...begs.... hey begs i seen a commercial by fido ..i think it said you can get a cell thing with yer home number...i dont know...


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                          I just dont need one...well gettin a hold of my snags would be nice..LOL..all my fam an friends r close enuff...ill prob get one one day but fer now im a true ndn i just borrow other ppls phones brother's...cousin's...friends' cab drivers'


                          If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving u
                          When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be u an me..


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                            I have a motorola v600. its pretty good and the pictures come out good when i send them in emails. so im happy with it but now i want one that has a video so i can record
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                              just pick up a Motorola RAZR V3 Camera Phone

                              i see if it good as they say


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