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  • Thanks, Bonnie!

    Once I feel better, I'll cook us all a big ole breakfast. is what it is...


    • good idea! I'll help if you want cuz i'm hungry as a bear!:Chatter
      sigpicDisclaimer: Storyteller and I are friends no matter what our evil twins say on the rhyme thread

      Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, laying in hospitals, dying of nothing....

      If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!

      Four things you can't recover:

      The stone........after the throw. The word........after it's said.

      The occasion...........after it's missed. The time.........after it's gone.


      • *shuffles in wearing new fuzzie pink slippers and pink sweatpants* wheres momz??? auntie rose?? sinna?? somebody?! *sniffles* *pours a big glass of applesauce* i got myself into a twist here.... *curls up in booth*


        • Hi DHG! You look great in your new outfit.

          I'm just running out the door, but don't leave! Somebody will show up. Here's you some blueberry panny cakes to tide you over.

          I gotta go take my ex to court! Laytahzzz!!
 is what it is...


          • gah... court....

            well all i'm sayin is he better not think i'mma do all the work here...:Mad


            • Ummm. . .don't most men think the woman is gonna do all the work, and we are just lucky to be blessed with their presence? LOL!

              I'm gonna say it again. . .and keep saying it--there are guys out there who would treat you like the queen that you are, you just have to wait. Don't settle for the first one that gives you a second look, girlfriend, 'cause you're selling yourself short. Be proud! :)


              • tray i pm'd you.... read it and you'll get what i mean... nuthins wrong wif ian... he's cool.. i think... lol i havent talked to him yet today...:p


                • Relationships, UGH!! Whatever works! *as I sit here with my neck full of hickies getting ready to edit my post*:p
         is what it is...


                  • lol with a neck full of hickies


                    • I made a wrong turn into ex-cities.:p Now I'm scared to go home in the daylight.

                      But I'm actually starting to think we could make things work, if we could both let by-gones be by-gones.
             is what it is...


                      • awww...:p


                        • DHG - Looking good there in your av! You might want to change your siggy though - you aren't a butthead are you?


                          • We'll see what happens.


                            So what's this twist you got yourself into, DHG? Auntie wants to know. *
                   is what it is...


                            • HEY HEY HEY!!!!

                              *Big NDN hugs AAAALLLL around!!!*

                              WHATS HAPPENIN?!?!?! Gah I missed all yall! Close down Reds for the day, its too hot for yall to be standing in front of them ovens! I cooked for all my Aunties and Cuzzins! Come on! Come eat!!!
                              ..::First ever 2002-2003 Princess::..
                              ~*~*~* The original POWWOWCHIC49 *~*~*~
                              *~*JINGLE IT*~*


                              • Getting out the dusty CLOSED sign. We'll just put it in the window with directions to the BBQ and not lock the door.
                       is what it is...


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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