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  • Originally posted by hot nsn mama

    Hey, is it possible to fall in love w/ your man all over again??
    I beg to differ with Luta Lu, I think it might be possible. But then me and him had a LOOONG break from each other.

    Luta's right tho, too, in a way. Cuz it might just be lust.:p

    Yesterday he told me, "I really like you!" and I bust out laughing. After a whole year apart that's all I get.:Chatter

    Maybe we're still in the falling stage.

    Watch him mess it up tho.:( is what it is...


    • Well crap! My whole last post got erased. . .

      I was just b!tchin' about who my man has been an azz all day long. For instance, the tire on the Jeep was getting low, but was not flat. So, I told him when we pulled up it was low ('cause he never does things like look at tires). I knew this was gonna happen. . .about two or three hours later, I walked in and said "So, what are you going to do about the tire?" 'Cause it was gettin' all late and I didn't want the repair shop to close.

      He started getting all pissy and sighin' real heavy. . .like a GD BABY! And I said "Well, I told you two or three hours ago it was going flat, now you're gonna have to put on the spare!" :Yell And he was like "Why don't you put on the damn spare?" (Which he's always tryin' to get out of working around the house.) I was like "Yeah, let me take care of this baby, wash the clothes, make your GD meal and, OH--grow you a whole other baby while I'm at it. I'll put 'take care of tire' on my list too now." :Yell :Mad PUNK!

      Well, luckily the baby was napping and he didn't have to see me or hear me goin' off on his daddy. I really don't do that when the baby is around. *sigh*

      *throws off clothes and jumps in pool* I mean, why does he have to go and be all like that? What's it solve? Butthead!


      • Well, the hair color box said "Copper Shimmer". . .and that was no lie! ;) :Chatter

        :flaming: <---- Hope y'all like red heads!


        • So, y'all think I'm "in love with" coyot, huh?

          'Sides, who needs men when I have this lovely specimen right here to remind me about reality.

          Oh man. . .I'm sittin' up here in the cafe talking to myself. This is sad.


          • Goodmorning! Naw, that ain't sad Traci. Just think of it as therapy. jks SOMEBODY will read it sooner or later.

            Well, I got up too late to cook breakfast. (wonder why ) So the buffet is getting stocked right now. Corned beef hash, all kinds of sausages, bacon galore, fruit, french toast, waffles, and eggs to order.
   is what it is...


            • Good Morning Rose. How's your day sor far??

              *dr's up coffee cup for some mornin hazelnut coffee*

              Hey traci, I know how you feel girl. I have a man who can be wonderful & in the same breath a butthead!! He's tryin to bark orders at me when his azz is on the couch. I know he works hard but not everyday!! My day doesn't end at 5, it ends when I get to lay my head down on the pillow!! And on my days off doesn't mean I get to lay around & eat & watch tv. I have to do more work at home then at my job. I don't know, maybe its just we got a mama's boy, I know for a fact that I did. I do love him so much which is probably why I put up w/ his dumb butt. I have a high a high tolerance & patience for everything but sometimes I wish I could DEPEND & LEAN on him when I need or feel the need to. I have to take care of almost everything. I know how to change tires, change the oil, mow the lawn, cook the dinner, raise my babies & raise my man!!!


              *dang, gonna make me skip my coffee & head to the car...better cool off....I made my bed as they say....I created my own monster is what I did*

              Rose, let me get a couple of sips of this coffee & I'll help w/ the buffet, K? Sorry bout the little tiff but it get to ya sometimes.....


              • Mornin' Hot Mama. Don't worry about going off on a tiff.:p I know just how you feel about having to do EVERYTHING at home and you can't rely on your man.

                But I did create my own monster, too. When we first got together he used to wash his own clothes and cook for himself, and I'm like, "Let me do that for you!"

                Even this morning, he was starting to braid his hair and I took over and braided it.

                I don't mind most stuff, but I blew a gasket when our water pipes kept freezing a couple years ago and it had to be ME under the house ALL night in the cobwebs and shyte thawing them out.

                I'm HOPING this time, at least he'll be there when I need him emotionally, but he let me down so many times, that I wouldn't bet money on it.
       is what it is...


                • *high fives hot mama* THANK YOU, girlfriend!

                  *picks through bacon to pick out the really crispy ones--almost burnt*

                  Well, I drew the line at mowing the yard. I said it could grow as tall as the house and we could get fined left and right for not mowing--I was not going to do it. I said "that's your job". He was like "Well, it must be nice to have something around here that you know you'll never have to do." I was like "Well, if you'd like to have a period every month, grow a baby, and give birth to that baby, then damn. . .I'll mow the yard every now and then." That's been a while back.

                  I don't want to give the wrong impression. We do get along most of the time, but when we fight--look out! We've had to change some things, though, because I hate to fight in front of our son and rarely will I do it. That's actually helped, because when we do finally get alone and can talk, we are usually a little more calm and can talk instead of yell.

                  But some days. . .man. . .TO THE MOON!!!!! I could just put my hands around his neck and SQEEEEEEEZE! ha ha ha ha ha


                  • Hey Traci! I love the burnt ones too and always order it like that at the restaurants.

                    Three words for a flat tire with a man around who doesn't want to change it, "Fix a flat". or A A A :Chatter
           is what it is...


                    • I was looking for a man who would take care of me. Dang, how stupid is that!! Then I'd be the one getting all lazy and worthless.:p
             is what it is...


                      • Well, the older we get and the more "in our roles" we get, the less he seems to think he has to do anything but go out from 8 - 5 and work. He's one of those that I'd love to leave him at home for a whole weekend with no help. And he could do the laundry, go to the grocery store, cook, take care of our child, etc. But I'm gonna wait until we have two kids to spring that on him. LOL!

                        But, yeah. . .I think most people don't "get it" that the "domestic engineer" ('cause it's not always a woman, so I don't want to sound all man-hating here) has a job from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. . .and even then, that sometimes gets interrupted. There's no sick days, can't call in and take a vacation day. Hell. . .even vacation wears me out more than staying at home these days.

                        *sighs, sits back and just accepts fate and starts to get happy with the positives in life*


                        • hey ladies!

                          I'm just in here all late today. I need 3 blueberry pancakes and some milk (i took my lactaid) hehehe

                          so... more man discussion?

                          hearing other peeps stories sometimes makes me not even wanna have a man...
                          The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


                          • OK, so ummmm. . .y'all are gonna make me talk to myself again today, huh? :Chatter

                            Where's muh DHG? I need to see some cute fuzzy slippers.


                            • *throws slipper at traci*

                              *curls up in booth with giant jar of applesauce*


                              • Here you go Super. Some Super Deluxe blueberry panny cakes and we have Lact-aid milk, ya know.:p

                                DHG, you best be having some too. I know an apple a day...but this is a little much.

                                Yeah, Traci. Let's dig on the positives now, or else we're gonna scar Super for life. jokes

                                Right now, I am SO GLAD to be back with my man. He is being so sweet for the time being. Wants to buy me a new ring. And can't even wipe the smile off his face. Makes me smile knowing I put it there.;)
                       is what it is...


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