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  • *busts through the cafe door all mad*

    Now THIS is rich! Shyt. . .some girl says she's gonna start a southern drum group. . .THEN comes out and says she's white on top of that.

    And here I am pregnant and can't have anything good to drink to calm these nerves! :Yell Now I just gotta be pissy!

    Where's the damn chocolate!?!?!


    • No worries traci - if she keeps going with this idea of hers - the first pow-wow they set up at - some big frybread grammas are gonna give it to her up one side and down the other and then the men will tear through the remains.

      It'll be handled accordingly - not to worry.

      As for hoopster - don't say we didn't warn ya!:Mad


      • traci dont you remember momz left a secret jar of scooby snacks(chocolate) in our secret hiding place? ;)


        • You're right, Singing Eagle. Girl, you sure can keep your head in every situation. Me--I gotta go get all hot-headed first, then think on it. ;)

          Mmmmm. . .chocolate stash! :D

          I gotta remember to take my video camera to every pow wow now, just in case the Hoopsters show up. :devil I'll send copies to all y'all.


          • Traci - Some people just gotta learn the hard way - ain't nothing anyone can say to them to make them understand - just leave it to the grammas - they can straighten anyone out!


            • LOL!! I read that hoopster thread... omg... just.... omg :p


              • That's what I'm sayin' DHG--at first I was like :JawDrop "No she didn't." Then when she came back and gave us some of her background. . .I was like :reallymad

                It's just sad, really sad. But you know what. . .kinda like SE said and my grandma says "I didn't take her to raise." :Chatter

                Damn, I've felt old this week on Like "Well, now I've just seen it all." LOL! Really, I hadn't even seen the half of it, I'm sure.

                Can I get you ladies anything? I'm headed to the kitchen to make some home made chocolate toffee. I've had to fight myself from making it for real today, so maybe if I cyber make it, that will help.


                • Hot NSN Mama said to tell everyone hello and she misses us all.


                  • Traci, tell Hot Mama hi, and pass some of your toffee, please.:D
           is what it is...


                    • Here ya go.

                      I'm gonna tell you this little secret, though I may have shared it in the cafe before. *leans in closer to Rose* There's saltine crackers in the this toffee. Take the saltines, put them in the oven with some brown sugar and butter that has been melted together on the stove top. Bake it for a few minutes, then after you bring it out, spread the chocolate chips on there and spread 'em all over when they melt. Mmmmmmm. . .

                      OK, this is not helping curb the REAL urge to make this. LOL!


                      • :Idea But you know. . .I could make some in honor of your birthday, for real, since I'm not gonna get any cake or anything. ha ha ha ha


                        • soooooo traci how are you doing this afternoon?? are you still here??


                          • Thanks so much Traci!! It looks delicious. Indin toffee!!:p

                            And stop by my happy birthday thread if you want some cake. There's two kinds everyday.:)
                   is what it is...


                            • :Cry I'm all alone here now

                              *flops on the floor all dramatic like*


                              • Poor Babygirl! We didn't mean to leave you all alone. There, there, it's ok.

                                And Traci, I'm rushing home to make those toffee thingies. Of course, I'm only gonna have a tiny bite. I just gotta try it tho.
                       is what it is...


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