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  • Red's is WHAT? You betta bite your tongue! You're momz will pick up on this from her road trip and be searching out a cyber cafe to get online from.


    • And DHG. . .how the hellz would you know that about those girlie's in the commercial? That is scary!


      • August 18th? :( I thought it was August 8th!!!! :Cry

        :Cry :Cry :Cry


        • LOL here am i showing my horribly young age... i saw an article about them in a seventeen magazine... bout how theyre his blonde models or some shyt but eew just cuz theyre his daughters.... and i hate how they sing *ick*


          • Well, one of 'em sounds like she swallowed a cheese grater. And you can tell they are enhanced by the recording studio. And what's with the way they pronounce their words? They say "baby" weird. . .and "luv ya". . .but it's annoying. Oh well, I guess I should drop it before people become certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not much is going on right now in my life. ha ha ha ha

            "Take it off, blondes. . ." Puh-leeze! :Mad OK, now I'm gettin' all mad again.


            • lol that is one irritating commercial though... sooooo how's your baby?? babies... lol... how old is your little boy now??


              • (thanks for the distraction) ;)

                He'll be two in September. :D I love him so much, even though he's at the fit-throwing stage. It'll pass, though.


                • lol my baby didnt grow out of fits and she's 4 and a half... but then she's just like me... only littler and cuter sooooo lol ok she's worse than me :p

                  when are you due?? i was due march 24th... i hope i dont get all sad and depressed when that time rolls around :(

                  but my birthday is right before then so maybe i'll have a big party or something so i'm not sittin around bein sad... especially since i didnt get to do anything for my 21st birthday!! i was thinkin "what a rip!!"

                  not to be morbid cuz i dont think it is... my baby andrew would be 6 on sept 10th.... omg i cant imagine having a six year old tho!!!! i mean having a six year old right now??

                  soooo anyways.... *sipping applesauce*

                  i wish i was at the pw grounds right now :p


                  • I'm due around March 2nd.

                    Yes, you should have a big party, then, girlfriend! You need some celebratin! Gosh. . .that seems like such a long time away--March. But it'll be here before we know it.


                    • hey traci think about what colors or whatever you want for your baby's moccasins... i got a good chunk of time to work on em... :)

                      annnnndddd what do you guys think about me making moccasins for my baby?? would this be a weird thing to do?? i kind of want to... :(


                      • Girlfriend. . .I think you should do whatever makes you feel better about your situation. :) I'm gonna back ya, whatever.

                        I was gonna wait and see if they can tell the sex on a sonogram before I chose any colors. :)


                        • oooh not to sound evil but can i live vicariously thru you??? ok ok i'm kidding but this stuff is so exciting so i wanna know.... :p

                          i love babies....

                          hey traci i had this weird dream that i was with ian at a pw... and we had three kids... this was freaky!! especially the pw we were at because i've never been to this pw with him... but i always have this dream that i'm with him at this particular powwow and i'm pg or i'm pg and we have kids.... and we're always walking in the same spot... like on the outside of the ring... theres this one tree there and in every dream we're walking around the side where that tree is in the same direction and it's always just when its getting dark out.... i've had so many of these dreams i think it means something :P but i dunno...


                          • Lil' Criket, I am not "stalking you". Get a life. Perhaps if you had minded your own business you wouldnt be feeling paranoid. You obviously wanted to get a reaction and you got it. Now deal with it. Maybe you'll think better of it from now on. I know I have. I'm not as "slow" as you may think. I know damned well bulshyt and Ralph arent ndn nations. I have problems with people with a touch of ndn blood thinking they know it all. I'm really fed up with everyone and their "Cherokee Princess Grandmother". Just once I'd like to hear someone admit to having a "common" Cherokee Granfather. I've got nothing against you, but jokingly claiming Hunka Lakota aint funny.
                            TASHUNKA LUTA: Pila Maye for your good words for me. I pray that the wawokiye wakan help you at the Dance and you get what you need. Remember me in your prayers, ask Tunkasila to pity me and help me with these things that I face.
                            Yeah Lil Cricket, she right. I take pride and honor in my culture, you should also if you know what it is.
                            Last edited by eagleshield01; 08-01-2003, 11:18 PM.


                            • Originally posted by traci_m
                              Yeah, I was following that thread, though I never had any input. Who knows. . .maybe he hangs out with "other" people from here (you know who) or maybe he's just a serious kind of guy.

                              But what? Does he think Ralph and bulshyt are tribes too? Anyone can plainly see you are joking.

                              not everyone has the same sense of humor,traci & we all know I like to play..;) :p :Chatter
                              I only asked why he wouldn't respond to his contradictions someone else had pointed out & the next thing I know he was all heated up & started attacking me !! maybe he should pay attention to my signature .. ;)
                              Last edited by LittleCricket; 08-02-2003, 01:21 AM.
                              Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                              • lol i know right....

                                but anyways... what should we do in here tonight auntie??

                                *looks around*

                                auntie are you here?


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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