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  • GOODY!!!! PIE!!!:D
    * cuts a slice of chocolate cream , pours a mug of coffee & heads for the corner booth...*
    Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


    • Hi everybody any pie left do any of you know what happened to LMD? I miss her
      don't you be wastin' all your money
      on syrup and honey because i'm sweet enough

      Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.


      • umm yummy pie! yous all got great food and even better company! happy holidays to all!!
        it takes few words to tell the truth and a lot of them to tell a lie..


        • Good morning, everybody!! :supperhap And Happy TGIF to y'all. I'm glad to finally be staying home this weekend and be able to get stuff done.

          Here's the long awaited breakfast buffet! Belgium waffles with all the assorted toppings - blueberry, strawberry, loganberry, my special cheesecake topping, and whipped cream.
          Pancakes - blueberry, sourdough, and chocolate chip.
          French toast, shredded hashbrowns, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy.
          Ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, sausage links and patties, corned beef hash.
          Quiches and egg casserole with ham and bacon.
          Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs, eggs benedict ;), creamed eggs.
          Wheat toast, white toast, sourdough toast, and lots of jellies, jams and marmalades to apply.

          *whew* Now I know why I've been slacking here. It's a lot of work!:p

          Think I'll sit me down to some of Eyes Pies.:Chatter
 is what it is...


          • Hi everybody. Sorry I missed that breakfast, Rose, but Redwolf's lunch looks yummy too! Oh, I brought some sweets to help out. . .

            *sets out home made toffee, buttermilk pie, and brownies*

            There's ice cream in the freezer if anyone wants some with their brownie.

            *starts to chow*


            • Wow Traci. Those look great. I think I'll have a bite of brownie, followed by a bite of pie, followed by a bite of brownie, etc....:p
     is what it is...


              • well looks like those that showed uo were hungry today. Any requests for buffet tomorrow breakfast and lunch ?


                • * pops in around 4 p.m. *

         one's cooked today..guess I'll make up a brunch buffet..

                  scrambled eggs , waffles , bacon , deer sausage , biscuits , gravy , yeast rolls , potatos fried w/green peppers & onions , a whole spiral-sliced honey ham , my mexican pasta salad (tri-colored pasta,chopped jalapenos , black olives , red onion , black beans , corn , cilantro , garlic , salt , pepper, lime juice , a lil olive oil and cherry tomatos) , the last of redwolf's chili , my special chicken salad(made w/white grapes , walnuts , celery ,raisens , pineapple ,just the tops of the green onions ,curry sauce & mayo ) , fresh fruit salad, banana nut bread , carrot cake ,what's left of traci's brownies ,sweet tea , green kool-aid , fresh squeezed lemonade. & a BIG pot of coffee..:D
                  a lil summin , summin for everybody ;)
                  Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                  • good thing Miss Cricket showed up to cook, cause my luck I'd burn place down I cook :D :devil , and now I don't have to go to greasy hamburger joint:D


                    • Im hungry!:D
                      Hotty with tha body


                      • hey yourself to the buffet I set up ..or if ya want I'll cook whatever you'd like 'cause special orders don't upset us here @ red's...:Chatter

                        hey JYD..ya think ya can build a fire in the fireplace w/o burning us down after ya eat..??? ;)
                        Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                        • yea, now that I can do:D Now if you got some apple pie I can bring in and stack some wood for tonight and tomorrow:D


                          • Hi everyone...just stopped in for some of auntie crickets good cooking before I turn in for the night:)
                            sigpicDisclaimer: Storyteller and I are friends no matter what our evil twins say on the rhyme thread

                            Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, laying in hospitals, dying of nothing....

                            If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!

                            Four things you can't recover:

                            The stone........after the throw. The word........after it's said.

                            The occasion...........after it's missed. The time.........after it's gone.


                            • hey eyes.. hope you got a glass of green kool-aid too cause I made ya some earlier..;) :Chatter ..been missing you late nites around here..:( ...glad you stopped by..:D

                              *loads JYD up w/hot apple pie & a scoop of french vanilla ice cream....*;) :)

                              *plays B.B. King's "Please Send Me Someone To Love " *

                              *kicks back in the corner booth w/another mug of coffee watching the fire burn & admiring the decorations traci put up for the holidays..*
                              Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                              • I want a nutrigrain bar
                                Hotty with tha body


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