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  • Food stamps yes. EBT cards NO. is what it is...


    • I'd like some samosa's and some chai brewed with milk and some Sikh yummy treats like the one's at Bombay Sweet's in Milwaukee please.

      oh and get Migizi whatever she wills as well.

      Peace and Love


      • Coming right up. You'll love my chai with my own special spices.

        I had some Misty Mint tea this morning and it was deelishish!! is what it is...


        • Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
          Coming right up. You'll love my chai with my own special spices.

          I had some Misty Mint tea this morning and it was deelishish!!
          Hi Rose! How are you this morning? Misty mint tea sounds just yummy on this cold morning....
          sigpicDisclaimer: Storyteller and I are friends no matter what our evil twins say on the rhyme thread

          Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, laying in hospitals, dying of nothing....

          If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!

          Four things you can't recover:

          The stone........after the throw. The word........after it's said.

          The occasion...........after it's missed. The time.........after it's gone.


          • Good Afternoon!

            How is everyone this afternoon. Im gettin a late start today but here i am. Give me jus a good ol fashion coke and bowl of steam Anything good goin on today...anyone?


            • I'm good are you??

              Misty mint all around! Oh, and a Coke.

              Looking up the recipe for steam fry??? Steam fried what???
     is what it is...


              • Damn...nevermind. Must be an oklahoma thing well damn jus give me a worrior dog and Is there jus one employee in here...hire me! Got fines to


                • Ummm...okay, one warrior dog coming up. I think that's an Okie thing too.

                  If you're looking for a job, you can work here. I'll donate some points towards your fines.
         is what it is...


                  • Yawa^ko for the chai and fud


                    • Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
                      Ummm...okay, one warrior dog coming up. I think that's an Okie thing too.

                      If you're looking for a job, you can work here. I'll donate some points towards your fines.
                      LOL...yall need an Okie selection or sumthing. Well i guess since im an employee now ill bring that to the table. That is if itz alright wit mizz boss lady lol.


                      • No problem. I don't travel much...only been to Oklahoma once. But they did have the best all-you-can-eat BBQ place and best pool hall...quarter pool and dollar beer.

                        So go ahead and make a special menu, but please explain what each is. THANKS!!
               is what it is...


                        • Nottin like it.

                          Finally got a job....finally! LOL...but yeah no problem. Well of course Frybread and corn soup. Steam Fry is pretty much jus meat and gravy. Warrior dog is jus a hotdog or polish sausage (which ever) wrapped with a fry bread. Pretty muzz! And lets see...Meat pie? Do u kno wat that is...i sure hope and if not u in But yeah here in oklahoma we do have the best everything when it comes too food. Not jus the BQ. Even though its too good itz self. And Headcountry BQ sauce! They dont sell it anywhere but here in oklahoma but it blows all the rest out the water. Hell while we at it, might as well throw some ribs on the grill. Haha and dollar beer. LOL....


                          • I do know what a meat pie is!! Finally!! Up here we call them frybread burritos.

                            But my friend from OK cooked some this past spring and they were the BOMB!!

                            I'll take 2 to go!
                   is what it is...


                            • Sorry im

                              Here i am...finally made. It was my best friends birthday yesterday and we had to celebrate a lil lastnight, so ive been a sleep and busy. But yeah thank god itz friday.


                              • Hi all, im in the mood for some grapes dumplings do we have any?
                                I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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