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  • i had a turkey sausage and egg white breakfast sandwich that i forgot at home lol


    • Good morning...makes a huge latte & sits in corner booth. I was gonna quote Grits & lb but u2 r makin me least u 2 r playin nice.. here's ur hug lb & send me a private message & tell me ur old username so I will be unconfused bout who u r. grits the new speakers out back r awesum. Plays k9 (litefoot) on jukebox & heads out back...
      Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


      • Originally posted by neling4 View Post
        Good morning G&B! Nice poem.

        Is LittleCricket really your aunt? So many people around here say "aunt" and "bro" and "sister" and "daughter" and "cousin" , whether they are related or not. Which is nice.

        I actually do have a couple of cousins on here, but they haven't posted anything yet.

        I'll have a cup of coffee with you.
        I been grit's auntie from almost the time she 1st entered Red's back in 2003 .I used to be the nite manager @ Red's I'm auntie to quite a few of the girls here & a few of the dudes (like lbgood & soldierboy).
        Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


        • grabs another latte to go..I'm off to the seminole casino to gamble wish me luck..l8r
          Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


          • good luck

            can't believe i missed u lol


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                • Originally posted by lbgood View Post
                  Yeah of course we play nice (for the most part) we just like to make the boards a little interesting from time to time thats all LOL.

                  A midnite snack sounds good, think Imma sit here and have some chips-n-salsa for a while and listen to the jukebox and reminisce of back in the day of Reds LOL. Good to hear from you Auntie LC.

                  hey lb what's cracking? you remember the time chuggy had that meatpie and went beserk and tore this place upside down? Lol


                  • hope you left some chips n salsa for me...i went to bed last night without eating hehe


                    • its been slow this week. working saturday again.


                      • YO Grits.. ur auntie did gr8 yesterday @ casino.. so make sure I get the tab for ev1 that drops by for breakfast & put urself a 25% tip on my tab crawls into corner booth,,gettin too old for this stayin up til 5 a.m...think I'll just take me a lil nap...dreams of the ol dayz @ Red's..fine young lakota bucks dancin in almost nuttin..chicky settin da place on kool-aid.......
                        Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                        • way to go auntie

                          hey auntie there's a sofa in my office you can use, no one will bother u.

                          i don't know what happened to the fine lakota bucks but i can try to get rezzy and joe's dad up in here. their always fun.


                          • Good Morning G&B! Good morning G&B's auntie LittleCricket!

                            *slips into booth with Nightcrawler poster*

                            Coffee please, Grits.


                            • third quarter underway, workday is flying by pretty fast... got some more work to do on my nephews outfit. then i can start on the next one.

                              hey lb breakfast is on the house. you want anythang?


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