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  • Haha, I haven't been in here in FOREVER! Last I remember I was eating a plate of cherry pie!
    Never gets old... :D
    I no listen any moar,
    you iz lion to me.


    • well hi little sista! what do you feel like eating today?


      • Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome. :)
        I'll have the usual, cherry pie. As I said, never gets old!
        Haha, well, for now anyways.
        I no listen any moar,
        you iz lion to me.


        • chery pie it is! and not from the can either

          so how's the new school year going?


          • Good! I like it fresh! Thanks!
            & it's going great! I haven't forgotten my combination,
            or been late to any classes, or entered the wrong class yet.
            I no listen any moar,
            you iz lion to me.


            • well tell you what little sista, keep getting good grades and your world famous cherry pie is on the house! deal?

              ready for a second helping of pie?

              so you read or are reading anything interesting lately?


              • your in love
                all the time
                does it ever puzzle you
                do you ask why
                you seem to fall
                in love, out again
                do you ever really love
                or just pretend...


                • WOW site has a new look or did G&B spike my drink again


                  • ha funny lb nice to see you too


                    • this reminds me of that anti drug commercial where the evil kid says "we's about to go get twisted, you comin?" and the other kid says "nah main, i gotta hit the books" and then the guy gives him his food for free.
                      "Every time an indian speaks ebonics, SittingBull sheds a tear..."


                      • where's the party people at?


                        • I'm too tired to party, but I'll sure have a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.
                 is what it is...


                          • heres your pie and coffee.

                            pumpkin pie sounds good to me...and hot tea


                            • MMmmm... lots of fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast. Topped with a little shredded cheese, Salsa Brava, and fried ham on the side. YUMMERS!!
                     is what it is...


                              • Good afternoon all!

                                I need to get used to this new forum style. It stretches across my screen and I have to scoot it back and forth to see the whole thing.

                                Coffee please, Grits.


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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