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  • Hi Neling! It's still morning over here. How's things going except for the screen stretchy thing? is what it is...


    • Hey Wyo!

      As to the new forum look, I'm still exploring it. As to life in general:

      1. My daughter just started on-line schooling and we are still trying to figure everything out. We haven't got internet for her school computer yet so she's been using my computer. I'm going out in a bit to find a converter so her computer can access our modem.

      2. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with a certain troll on

      3. On the up side, I'm powwowing this weekend.

      How's things with you, Wyo?


      • Things are great!

        Online schooling can be awesome, with a few drawbacks. I hope you got a good program.

        Don't know much about trolls.

        NEXT weekend I'm gonna powwow, so that is VERY COOL!!
        Last edited by wyo_rose; 09-15-2010, 02:03 PM. is what it is...


        • I meant this type of troll:

          I've never seen them on this forum, which is one reason why it has become my favorite forum. Good manners are still important here and the posters are nice, well-behaved and sometime hilariously funny. Not so with many posters on Marvel, sadly. Many are just rude. It's not even about real life, just comic book characters.

          The online school we chose has the best rep in the state, so I think it will be okay. I'm afraid she will miss her friends at school, but she wanted to do this and at least we don't have to get up at 5:00 A.M. to meet the school bus.

          If it doesn't work out, she can always go back to her old school.
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          • what a crazy day...i need a drink....chocolate milk that is lol


            • I'll will have a piece of the pumpkin pie, please. Thanks, yummy.... Now I actually want a piece of pie.
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              • here you go, a big fat slice of pumpkin's it going tb?


                • hey babygirl can I have a slice of that pie w/cool whip on top & a huge cup of coffee..just can't seem to get started today..
                  Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                  • hi auntie! *hugs*

                    sure thing auntie...having one of them days yeah?

                    its always good to see you...what you got going on this weekend? i gotta work sat but have sun off...


                    • aww the hugs made me feel better already
                      like u I'm working sat. & have sun off..found out Mon I have to be fitted for a back brace so I'm comin' to grips bout that..*sighs* don't have to wear it all the time but still...
                      Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                      • sorry about needing a back brace, hope its temporary and makes your back stronger


                        • told you before I was gettin' old.. ever since my wreck over 2yrs. ago I been goin' downhill wish I good fix it w/good old thought u could fix anything w/it
                          Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                          • well i hope the brace becomes very helpful


                            • me too I gotta wait & see if the insurance co. will even approve it ..ok enuff pity party guess the only place I be dancin for awhile is here @ Red's..
                              Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                              • ok how about some jams? you can't go wrong with ms. etta james...brb auntie


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