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  • Do you just not have anything better to do than stir up trouble?

    To begin with, I was explaining to She what went on last night. I was very considerate to keep your name out of the conversation, but if you want to go and embarass yourself, then I can't stop you.

    He didn't tell me anything about your conversation, other than you were being rude. I find that to be a common complaint about you on this entire board, so I didn't find it hard to believe. What I saw, as I explained to you last night, was what I SAW--I read it with my own two eyes. No one needed to "fill me in" on how you were behaving. I wish that point would sink into your little head, because I've said it many times before.

    "You've obviously got some kind of chip on your shoulder and will take any ridiculous excuse to keep playing your games."

    I'm not the one following someone around, checking up on what they post, then feeling some need to defend myself, and trying to start some sh!t at the same time.

    As for your claim that I am playing games. . .I'm not playing any games with you. You are rude. You try to start fights on this message board. I have asked you before why you are so rude, but all I get from you are "snide remarks" and trying to prove what you know. You don't have to go out of your way to prove anything to me. Your words and tone do all the explaining about you that I need to know.

    What I do know is when someone is new I don't see ANY reason to start correcting their use of language, asking them pointed questions and then jumping on their answers. . .looking up their words in a "dictionary" and then posting the meanings. What do you get out of that behavior? Again, I ask (and would really like an answer)--WHERE IS YOUR RUDENESS GETTING YOU? That guy last night said many times he was taking pain medication for a steel rod in his leg. Gee. . .give him the benefit of the doubt, why don't you?

    Questioning someone's claims to the degree you did last night is not called critical thinking. . it's called poor self-image. Besides, why do you think people owe you explainations for their claims? Who owes you anything? Like I said, if someone is a fraud, but not causing any trouble, not being confrontational, not being rude, then who is that hurting? Certainly not you or me.

    As for not paying attention to my behavior, I have tolerated you for as long as I've been on this board and it's been difficult at times. But now, I'm finished with tolerating you. I won't hunt you down on the boards and check up what you are posting (by the way, that is very flattering that you are obviously seeing what I am posting--thanks!), but if we are in the same thread or chatroom and I find myself "tolerating" you again, then I'm going to speak up. And if I find myself agreeing with what you might say, then I will say that too.

    I have nothing aganist you personally. As a matter of fact, if you'll read what I've typed about you EVER, it's all been facts. I feel like you want to turn this into a "middle-school level" fight, but I stopped doing that when I went into high school. So, if you would like to answer my original question of where does your rudeness get you, then we can talk more. Other than that, when it's posts like you just made, then I will be ignoring what you say. Not because I don't have anything to say, but because I refuse to get into such conversations with you. We're going to disagree on this, so what's the point in beating it to the ground?

    Furthermore, we have A LOT of fun in this cafe, so if you have something more to say to me, say it somewhere else.


    • Now now Ladies.......

      Where are the proving grounds on Pow I know where they are on my Rez.

      But puhleeeezzzzzz, don't bring it in here. Red runs a nice place. And we don't have a pit for mud wrestling, but we've talked about it.

      So, in the wise words of Thumper.... "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin at all"

      (Or at least funny)
      I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

      Hella Handles....


      • :) Oh, and Ladies.....

        I'm not being disrespectful to either one of you. Those words have kept my neck out of a noose more than once.

        :35: :35: So, Peace:35: :35:
        I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

        Hella Handles....


        • well if little miss busybody can keep her nose out of other peoples' business and keep her remarks to herself, then there will be no need for me to respond to her. And as for posting in this thread, well, this is where she posted so this is where I answered. This is a public forum, and anybody can respond to anything they want anywhere they want. If she wants to have a private conversation, then she can take it off the board.
          I'm not the one following someone around
          sure traci... and who was going aroung last night trying to track me down on hubz, searching out my posts to see if the little "online" icon was lit?
          once again, this is a public forum, I read what I want and have no need to go "following you around." What a laugh. You have a mighty big ego there.
          What I do know is when someone is new I don't see ANY reason to start correcting their use of language, asking them pointed questions and then jumping on their answers. . .looking up their words in a "dictionary" and then posting the meanings.
          As I said before, during the conversation that you were NOT present for, this new person felt the need to lecture and make claims that he obviously could not back up. If he didn't want to be questioned, he should have kept his mouth shut. I don't need to be lectured by people who obviously have no idea what they are talking about. And looking up words in a dictionary? Get real. As I said, "people who obviously have no idea what they are talking about." And I don't know what pain medication has to do with making false claims and presuming to lecture other people. You can buy whatever excuse you want.

          And as far as people "all over this board" thinking I'm rude... lmao... well, I count myself in good company.

          have a nice day! :)
          - zeph


          • Omg I thought this was a good area to chat in i got tired of the drama crap on yahoo.I thought this place would be good to post and meet new people and not have to worry about someone bad mouthing someone else.I guess I was wrong.Oh well,hello ladies how are you all doing.I need a cold dew please if someone is here.....:D
            Keep It Traditional


            • No, DWST, please don't let this spoil the fun we have here. I owe you and everyone else that hangs out in the cafe regularly an apology. I'm sorry that this crap got brought into here and, like I said, I'm finished talking about it. :)

              Let's both have Dew, shall we. How is your sweetie today?


              • Hello Traci how are you.I am not going to let any thing get me down.You dont owe me anything.I owe all of you the thanks for being good people and friends.I love chatting to all of you in the cafe.Well wyo_rose is doing ok I guess i have not talked to her today.I know she had to work today.I thought for sure that i would not be online this weekend but I got some time will working on this system so i thought I would check in.I would love to have a dew with you.Would love the company.....:D
                Keep It Traditional


                • Well, I'm getting ready to go out for a bit, so I only have a few minutes. How was your weekend (so far)?


                  • It could be better.I could be with my sweetheart.I could be anywere but here but with her and not alone.I am doing fine thanks and have a good time out.How is your weekend so far....:D
                    Keep It Traditional


                    • Hi! All:D


                      Is this going to be a rowdy Saturday night or what?

                      I lmoa at the store yesterday, people are so sensitive:Cry :Cry

                      Damn, this guy almost had a kitten cause I moved his cart. He says looking down... "Welcome to Klamath Falls" :Yell grumble grumble:Yell

                      I started laughing and says "wait til the welcome wagon runs over him in the parking lot":Chatter :Chatter :Chatter

                      So, if you need me to second you at a duel at dawn I'm there. But can we do it Pacific time??????

                      I don't do dew, but I'll have a Pepper with ya'll:)
                      I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

                      Hella Handles....


                      • Hello She and good evening.Welcome to our table and please have a seat and enjoy the good chat.....:D
                        Keep It Traditional


                        • Thanks:)

                          So, what's new????
                          I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

                          Hella Handles....


                          • Well i do need to run so you two ladies have a nice evening and a great weekend whats left of it.She I just miss my angel is all nothing new here.Wyo_rose I do love you with all my heart and i hope you have a good weekend angel......:D
                            Keep It Traditional


                            • WOW! Even I felt the love on that one, and it wasn't even to me! How sweet. :)

                              Well, folks, I'm outta here. She, looks like you're holding down the fort. If I come back with a black eye from the hostiles, just think about what they might look like. ha ha ha


                              • SHE

                                Hey She
                                It's TRU how is your weekend? Are you still here?
                                Do you got anything cooking in the kitchen? I sure
                                am starving......... :D


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