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  • (blinks) :o

    Oh Thank You Chic!

    I couldn't Stop!!!!!:o :o
    I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

    Hella Handles....


    • he he he

      Ya lil cheater!!!

      Im gonna be number one by the end of the night dammit!!!
      ..::First ever 2002-2003 Princess::..
      ~*~*~* The original POWWOWCHIC49 *~*~*~
      *~*JINGLE IT*~*


      • Where Am I???????????
        I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

        Hella Handles....


        • Order up...... Number 1
          I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

          Hella Handles....


          • Hey! High five on Senior Dancer!

            I just rated too the other day!!!!
            I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

            Hella Handles....


            • I think you turned over before I did:D

              Now we can dance with the old ladies.

              Graceful Wardance!!!!!!!!!!
              I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

              Hella Handles....


              • Breakfast

                Oh Red I love your breakfast bar... I am over here
                again getting the best of the best. You always fill
                me right up with your delicious food. I see it was
                one heck of a night here at ole' cafe last night. Lol
                I don't think any cleaning got done though. I will
                straighten this place up a little before Red sneaks
                back in. ;)


                • mornin'

                  Hello sunshines' - all my little sunny faces. How are you? Man, ruff weekend for me, I've got 3 blisters on my right foot. :Cry
                  Got some mole skin on em though so I'll be alright. I just called and put in the order for food while I'm out with my surgery so you guys don't starve. Wow, just read over what went on this weekend. Fight with traci and zeph, powwowchic stuffing bologna, snags and she and pwchic49 playing chase - no wonder noone's here yet. You guys are all pooped out!! Where's coyot been? Haven't seen that guy around in scads. She what did you do with coyot? Tell him hi and we miss him at the cafe. I got a pic of him - I guess the paper was by sometime last week and snapped one of all of us in the cafe. I'll be posting them in the gallery since I can't get them on here - they're too big. Unless Traci could give me some pointers on how to shrink em to size. HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY - you guys smell what I'm cooking? Western Omelets, hash browns - ranch style beans, we're doing "cowboy breakfast" so put yer boots on and come on down the the cafe and get some vittles ;)
                  Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                  • yeehaw, Mornin' Red! Since I'm on the Cowboy show, that western omlette hits the spot! How about some huervos rancheros! :D

                    Lots of commotion this weekend?!

                    Iced coffee & 4 equals! That'll definitely get me going! I'd also like to request that at least once a week you serve those one things. Rats! Just had the name of them a second ago! They're long, spanish type desert, coated in cinnamon and sugar, yegads, I forgot what you call em! :Blush Anyway, I could go for that once a week, all warm with cold coffee!! :Eyepopper

                    Hey, have a quick question! I made a bet with my friend last night. I will lose 20# by Xmas, if I can't, then I lose $Fitty bux. *sigh* I spoke too soon. Any ideas on how to do this and sort of healthy-ish!? :)
                    :p cool indin woman :p


                    • :NoNo Ctry - that's not even healthy - 20# by christmas! And yes you could do it but you can't. :Chatter :Chatter well, I guess that is pretty unfair to say but Thanksgiving coming up and the holidays - it will be hard. IF you do like Wyo_Rose and go high protein low carb and do a sensible cardio workout. YOU MIGHT could. You'd have to be very strict though and load on the water too. I'd say boiled eggs in the a.m (2 each) - white albacore tuna (plain) for lunch with a small salad (lite dressing) or steamed green vegetable (broccoli or asparagus) boiled chicken for dinner (white meat is best for diet - so breast) and green beans, and some kind of wild rice - that way not too many carbs. During the day keep some fruit on hand but remember if you're serious, stay away from white and yellow. Eat apples for fruit, not bananas unless you're overloading water and need the potassium for your heart. Bananas have the most fat of any fruit. SICK of that subject, I do that for a living at night in my real world That's why I run this cafe - with no calories. So there you have it you can diet in real life and eat whatever you want here to satisfy your cravings. AND the word is sopapilla, and yes I'll have them once a week for you - I made some today - you want honey with yours??? ;)
                      Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                      • Good Morning

                        Hi Red and Ctry
                        How are you ladies this morning? I am doing wonderful
                        after that breakfast this morning. But Red I will take
                        one of them warm treats and some ice coffee too.

                        How is your daughter been Red? and Ctry that is a lot
                        to lose by X-mas. I had a surgery done and quit smoking
                        and I gained 40 lbs. I have been able to lose 10 of it
                        back off. It was hard I still can't seemed to do it lol and
                        the holidays are right around the corner and the Halloween
                        CANDY is Everywhere.... told my kids last night I was going
                        to freeze it all. :p

                        Oko talk to you all....


                        • Snaggles in the cafe this early???

                          Gotta go get caught up on the messages, then I'll come back and talk. :)

                          Oh, I mean, not Snaggles. . .what was that other name you were using??? Cutie??


                          • Mornin' Red. Mornin' Ctry. Western omelets sure sound good. And a couple sopapillas on the side please with honey butter.

                            Good luck on the surgery tomorrow, Red. I hope its nothing serious. We'll all be thinking of you and praying for you, too.

                            Ctry, are you coming to class tonight? If you do, I'll tell you about that low carb diet, and I got a book at home you can borrow about it. We kinda got a bet thing going here at work. Some of us put money in, and whoever loses the most by Christmas get the pot. Guess who's ahead??:Blush Thanks much to Red, of course. And to my honey, cuz I'm living on love!;)
                   is what it is...


                            • Red. . .you get my pm?

                              OK, on the pics, first I just try to put them up with my message as attachements. If that gets rejected, then I open up Microsoft Photo Editor. Do you have that? If so, I'll proceed. :)


                              • Hey TRU, my girl is doing good - thanks for asking, those braces - geez her teeth are already moving into place - pretty cool. Hey Wyo_rose, how are you??????? GO GIRL on your diet. Told ya. You're gonna look as SUHWEET as you are inside ;) !!! DWST is gonna fall out when he see ya!!! GAW for real doesn't that just sound good - the breakfast? Yummy I'm on my third plate, lol.
                                As if. Oh, my surgery. Yeah - I don't like the idea myself but I guess it will be best. I have a collapsed left sinus (got hit a while back) and the bone finally collapsed. Well, when the doc was checking that out and getting ready to do surgery - found four melanotic something or another. Four black spots on my throad and soft palate - have to come out and go to pathology for biopsy. So............. holes and drains all in my head apparently. I can't stay still long though so I'm hoping to be back at work in a week, even if I have two black eyes. aye. And thanks for the prayers, much appreciated!!!
                                Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


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