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  • fresh fruit for starters


    • and some banana nut bread too


      • well if the food isn't drawing customers in i'll have to think of something else lol


        • Originally posted by Grits & Beans View Post

          and some banana nut bread too
          I'll have a slice of that banana bread with some vanilla ice cream on top please.


          • sure thang

            long time no see...anything new with u


            • Originally posted by Grits & Beans View Post
              sure thang

              long time no see...anything new with u
              Juss been busy das all


              • but not right now your not, kick up your feet a minute...i just had a little water fight with my nephews...just squirt guns, we didn't go all out with water balloons and all that lol


                • but i got my nephews good, crept out the back door and snuck up on them from the side, they was peeking in the living room window wondering where i was hahaha


                  • omg that fruit looks soooo good!!

                    oh!..mix a block of room temp cream cheese with half a small jar of orange marmalade...spread it over hot banana bread,,,you'll love it!!
                    I will be a good girl , I will be a good girl, I will be a good girl......awe hell, we know this ain't gonna happen....

                    "Daddy would have gotten us Uzis."

                    Subeeds Said:Want to borrow my .30/.30 or do you have your own weapon?

                    Pigheaded said: "How come noone ever wants to pull pork?"

                    Joe'sDad said:"Wait. I can do without sweet. Just make it my heart!"


                    • let's party lol


                      • I guess this would be the place to ask: does anyone know a goodway to prepare squash?
                        "Don't trust anyone who isn't angry."
                        - John Trudell

                        "Don't trust anyone who isn't hungry."
                        - Me


                        • I usually grill squash or slice it on a cookie sheet with a tad bit of olive oil and salt and pepper and toss it on the over and broil it for a few
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                          • or you could slice the squash up and fry it with potatoes, zuchini,onions, bell peppers, corn, jalepenos, and add a little bit of red chili powder - served with fresh tortillas, roast beef and Iced Tea. Damn got myself all hungry


                            • i said party not talk about squash


                              • woo i crack myself up hahaha


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