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  • good afternoon ppl

    i only like cheez on burgers, i found that out by accident once when i ordered a burger and they mistakenly put cheez on it, i took one bite and was hooked ever since...but as for grilled cheez or mac n cheez or anything else w/cheez (except pizza), you can miss me lol


    • Thanks for the Cap'n Crunch, [MENTION=4752]wyo_rose[/MENTION]!


      • Originally posted by Grits & Beans View Post
        aight here's your coffee nelly, u shud come around more often...and nice of you to drop in el, we miss you around here
        Thanks Grits!


        • Originally posted by RDNKJ View Post
          What up, @G&B? You falling down on the job? You forgot Neling's kahlua!

          Thanks Red!

          *Adds a little coffee to Kahlua*


          • Originally posted by wyo_rose View Post
            Weird days, theres a fire on the other side of the mountains, very smoky, ash falling from the sky, sun is blood red. Makes me wish I had an emergency shelter.
            We had tornadoes in my neck of the woods. I caught my lawn chair before it blew away.


            • Originally posted by RDNKJ View Post

              Sorry you're having mother-in-law problems.

              My Mom was lucky - she and my Dad's Mom got along famously - even after Mom and Dad divorced.

              For awhile she lived in the same little town as we did. Mom and Dad gave her a key to our house in case of emergencies.

              The only real problem Mom ever had with Grandma Peppy was when Mom had to demand the house key back from her. We found out Grandma was using our house for trysts with her boyfriend(s) when we weren't home!!!
              My mom-in-law is crazy. She has decided that this is her place and my kids and I work for her. She tells us not to mess up her stuff, and wants to know when we are going home. She tried to go into my son's room and my bedroom, and she read my son's mail and yelled at me when I asked her to go to bed before 3:00 am.


              • Hi Nel!

                It sure is sad when older people lose their mental capabilities. And difficult for the caregivers. Hang in there!
       is what it is...


                • A round of ALL BERRIES for everybody for a late afternoon snack.

                  And even though you can't get Planet Hollywood Capn Crunch Chicken can make your own:

                  1 cup Cap'n Crunch Cereal
                  1 cup Corn flakes
                  1 cup Flour
                  1 tablespoon Granulated Onion
                  1 tablespoon Granulated Garlic
                  2 teaspoon Ground black pepper
                  1 cup Milk
                  2 Eggs
                  1 pound Chicken tenders, or breasts cut into strips


                  Pulse cereals in blender until the cereal is the consistency of fine crumbs, pour into bowl. Combine flour, onion, garlic, and pepper in separate bowl. Beat eggs and mix with milk in third bowl. Dredge breast tenders, first in milk mixture, then in flour mixture, and finally in cereal crumbs. Deep fry at 325 degrees for 3 - 4 minutes or until cooked thoroughly. Serve with Creole mustard.
         is what it is...


                  • had fun at the beach today. man it was hot today


                    • those all berries look good, i gotta try some lol


                      • Yep, it was a scorcher today! Got my business done early, so headed to the office just to escape the heat.

                        Tomorrow, heading out to the high country, Jackson Hole, to scout out the parade location, and possible cooking/dining facilities to take care of 500 people!!

                        Hopefully gonna spend 4th of July in Yellowstone Park where it's nice and cool, and for some reason, it's usually EMPTY on that day. But now with the dry weather, prime fire conditions, and many wildfires in the west, FIREWORKS are banned, so maybe more people will pack the park this year.

                        The best thing about CELL service...LOL...Just Joking! The best thing is that the buffalo are back - never saw one up here until I was almost 40. My daughter's class went to Yellowstone last month and saw a grizzly. I have yet to see a bear in the park after 20+ visits, but hope to soon.
               is what it is...


                        • isn't jackson hole where they don't use daylight savings time? lol


                          • LOL, no we are all compliant up here in WY.

                            The only places I know of that don't switch are Hawaii and Arizona, EXCEPT for the Navajo Rez which does.
                   is what it is...


                            • Have fun in Yellowstone, Rose. Hope they got the fire near you under control. We got a bunch of rain from Tropical Storm Debby. The local river is still flooding and they are evacuating about 40 families and have closed one of the roads. I'm glad we are at the other end of the county.

                              I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everybody. Way too much going on. I'll try and give you guys the cliff note version.
                              The first week of June, after he had spent the day with his mothers'(and I use that word loosely)boyfriend, my 3 year old grandson started showing some scarey behavior. My son and the mom had been sharing custody-alternating 3 weeks with each of them. My son had to work, the mom had to work, so the boyfriend kept the kid. My son got him back and my grandson was off the chart out there. My son talked to him and suddenly,my grandson was using his Pooh bear to demonstrate some things saying that "TJ did it, TJ did it". My son freaked and called the cops to file a report. They advised my son to stay quiet about it and told him to keep the child out of that household. This worked for about 4 days, then she went to his apt. with the cops and they freakin' gave my grandson back to his mom and back into that environment. She believed (and still does) that my grandson was making it all up. Nah, they don't teach that kind of stuff on Sesame St..Six days later, the boyfriend was arrested, waived his Miranda rights and admitted to molesting my grandson. She was overheard by a social worker telling him to recant his admission-that he did it because he was scared. So, social services removed my grandson and put him into foster care. Seriously stupid girl still thinks the boyfriend is innocent. Social services feels that if by some miracle this kid made bail, she would let him back into the household and place my grandson in danger. And yes, the seriously stupid girl would do that. So, that's where we stand now. I am just now starting to get halfway decent control of my stress level. It's been higher than the moon lately.

                              I'm glad to see things are still trucking right along in here. It's nice to be able to chill with friends. :)
                              Last edited by subeeds; 07-02-2012, 03:46 AM. Reason: spelling
                              Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

                              I will not feed the troll-well, I will try.


                              • hey subeeds, it's been a while...i'm about to catch some zzz's...see ya in the morning


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