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  • Well can't sit here in front of this Computer....

    To wrap it up......

    Well my friends this chapters done
    we laughed we joked and had some fun
    But now my friends lets take a gaze
    and understand this funny maze....
    The maze you see it's name is Life....
    It's full of fun and a little strife
    But remember my friends the futures yours

    Just set your goal and go for yours.....

    "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


    • hey snags, I'm here... a bit too sore and tired for dancing, but I got my dollar bills here, so shake that booty! :p
      - zeph


      • hey does anyone know if redhorse cafe is taking applications???
        Apache jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!!!!!

        "Insert words of wisdom here"


        • Why dumpling? You didn't lose your job in real life did you? :(

          Coyot--man, he knows how to make friends, doesn't he? What a charmer! ;)

          I hope he's gonna fix that damn sky light he busted! Punk! Now I gotta climb up there and put something over the hole so we all don't freeze to death. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This really pisses me off. Tear up the joint, then split. Just wait until he gets back--he's gettin' an ear-full!!! :Yell :Yell :Flame :Flame

          Snags. . .say bay-be--what up?? Now I gotta bust out my old school rap too! :Mad ;)

          OK, so ladies that remain (and guys if there are any left), did anyone get any glass in their coffee from the sky light? We don't want to make any claims on our insurance. (You did pay the bill that I put on the desk the other day, didn't you Red?)


          • What the **** happened in here?????????????????? Someone needs to start talking.....
            Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


            • Where's Coyote? What's wrong with him? did someone say something to offend? Or maybe he smelled a crystal, he's allergic to them you know. Makes him crazy - he'll be okay, probably out getting some air. Hey Snags, how's it going man? You want something to drink? Wyo_Rose, poor thing - you got caught in the crossfire didn't you :) Okay, shake it off - let's have a good time. Coyote, come back when you feel better okay bro? No harm done (we got insurance ;) )
              Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


              • This is what I'm saying! Are we gonna have to get a bouncer!?!?

                :Argue :Hammer


                • 'Cause if we do, I know this really fine guy named Tony. Ooops, dropped my napkin. Could you pick that up for me, Tony? (That was just for you, She!) ha ha ha ha


                  • no, we don't need a bouncer, we have one - ME! I see what he's mad about. Dang I read the reply coyote. Never heard of the bull whatever tribe. Maybe what we need is a different sign on the door....
                    Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                    • I dunno what set him off - hope he's feeling better - maybe he has low blood sugar or something - makes me crazy when I don't eat when I need to.

                      here traci - i'll hold the ladder while you cover the hole where the skylite was...........


                      • Get two bouncers, one for each door. Make sure they have ample muscle bulging going on too. I like to enjoy the view as I chow down!!! :Naughty


                        • Whoa,

                          Hi everyone.

                          Geee, I turn off the puter and look what happened. Who stepped on Yot's tail?

                          Hey Snags good to see you.

                          Thanks for the door mat's Rose. I kind of like the one on the roof...
                          I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

                          Hella Handles....


                          • Thanks, She. I kinda liked it myself.
                   is what it is...


                            • Can I get a apple juice please, it's getting hot in here and I'm craving some apple juice for some reason....


                              • I really don't know what exactly set off Yote, but have you heard that song by Trick Pony?
                                <That's just how I get when I can't get no lovin'>
                       is what it is...


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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                                • namamiinc
                                  Hello From FLorida
                                  by namamiinc
                                  I’m a new member in town` and I’m so honored to be a part of PowWow community. Hope will to get to more friends and knowledge....
                                  12-01-2022, 07:14 AM
                                • OLChemist
                                  Redhorse Cafe -- the Food Truck
                                  by OLChemist
                                  *Rose wakes Chuy up and chases him out in to the parking lot to see his new digs. She fires up the portable evaporative cooler next to the tables. *

                                  Chuy, some iced tea, carne adovada, calabacitas, and sopaillas, please. It's so much fun to watch WD and BA chase their napkins in the...
                                  06-21-2021, 01:08 PM

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