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  • *comes back in with armload of wood.*."aww looks like luta stepped out while I was out back:( ..don't worry moose,you hit the books I got the cafe covered tonite..;) ..guess I'll make another latte..:Eyepopper ..& see who drops by..
    Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


    • na I just put the books away so what can i do for you :)


      • could get some more wood ,it's gonna be another cold nite..brrrr..;) want a sanck or somthin' to drink??:D
        Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


        • here some more wood and no thanks had to much alll day


          • danggggg all these kids at my house (7 of them - all under 4) I finally got a way for my morning coffee - really need it now lol.

            Just about lunch time - need something good. What's on special today????

            Gonna sit by the fire and do the crossword, I may need help with some of the weird ones lol:Idea


            • how's about a nice hot bowl of cheesy potato soup and a submarine sandwich? we can have some pickles and chips with it. sounds so good i may make one for myself. ummmm would you like a glass of tea with that? how about a couple of aspirin for that headache! :Chatter what are you doing with all those little kiddos at your house? that's a handful, especially when they are so young.
              Lady Di

              En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


              • Sounds really good Lady Di - specially that soup. I'll just have coffee with it - - Thanks so much. Think I will skip the pickles and chips - - but the asprin do sound great - - make them strong lol

                It is the week-end and I get the grandchildren whopeeeee Sure glad they all don't live around here - or they would be here too


                • a bowl of soup, a cup of coffee, and some aspirin. i can fill that order. ;)

                  you are lucky elviseagle, i only have one grandchild here but i live in the same house so i get to see her every day. i have two step-grandchildren but they live on the other side of turtle island from me so i don't get to see them very often. :(

                  anyway, enjoy them while they are little. all too soon they will be grown up and too busy with their friends to be bothered with us "older" folks.

                  so, here ya go. eat up and enjoy.
                  Lady Di

                  En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


                  • Hey you guys, I brought in a nice big pot of corn soup too and some fry bread for everyone - geez, need some hot wakalapi to warm me up. You guys want a cup? I got pies today too, brought in some pecan, chocolate cream, coconut cream, key lime and lemon meringue. Also have a pan of homemade chocolate chunk brownies so you guys help yourself. Eat all you want and take some home with you to those grandkids ;)
                    Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                    • Oh, wow so many chocolate choices - yummmmmmmmm
                      Think I will have a piece of that chocolate pie, and more coffee -

                      Thanks Luta, you know how to hit the spot, I will be back later for that corn soup and frybread.

                      Gonna finish my pie and get back to the kids lol


                      • :29: comes wandering in plops down in cozy DARK booth near fire,quietly asks coffee???:Quiet i've got a PWs cyber hang over...
                        toast got any wheat toast????
                        :35: :2: :)

                        "When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced.....Live your life so, that when you die, the world cries, and you rejoice."

                        ~*~The truest most pure form of when one sees you with their Heart....before their eyes~*~
                        ~Quote from a friend~


                        • chocolate for all the women init? lol
                          Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                          • MorningStar, here you go - some dry toast and sprite, that will help you out ;)
                            Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                            • Hey everyone! Just stopping by to grab some coffee and wheat toast. Just finished my workout and feeling good!
                              Life is more than what we see...


                              • Good afternoon all, Got some leftover chicken in the fridge Luta? I brought some home made sun dried tomato and rosemary focaccia bread. Thought I would shred some chicken and make some sandwiches. I have some really good swiss cheese to put on them.

                                I think some corn soup would go good with them. And I like real cold milk with my soup and sandwiches.
                                One vote wonder.


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