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  • we're protesting football :D
    Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


    • Oh, OK, can I help then? :)

      (Red. . .why on the weekend that I'm not on, you decide to be on!!!!! :( ) :)


      • what luta said ;) :Chatter
        Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


        • dang we got katchup ball in here lol hi every one can I get some coffe with out katchup ? please lol


          • Good evening all, Just going to go sit in the corner booth by myself. Feeling down tonight. Just found out I am the least voted for man of the month.

            Just gonna grab a cup of coffee and some key lime pie. And some chocolate silk pie. And some corn soup. Thats all I need. And some frybread, thats all, And this leftover steak. And this bottle of A-1. Thats enough. And some wajope. Thats all I need. Just turn out the lights in the corner and turn up the juke box. Got some blues on here?
            One vote wonder.


            • Danggg Webscouter not that bad - - here I will help you (walks to juke and plays Indigeous "blues") There does that help???
              You may never make man of the month if you keep eating like that - here take a chill pill and rest. :dontknow:

              Maybe you should take that bag off your head and get some fresh air lol

              Any pie left??? and a large cup of that good coffee. Finally got all kids sleeping - now it is my time to rest lol

              Anything exciting happening????????????:Idea
              Last edited by elviseagle; 01-20-2003, 12:22 AM.


              • hay elvis did you like you mini powwow may be me and tatanka will stop by and sing for you some time again soon brb ( had to run and get some wood for in here for red )


                • <ducks flying catsup bottle upon entering>
                  Whoa! Got some steamed zuchini around here?
                  "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
                  Wakalapi's $49 unlimited phone service


                  • Good morning! :supperhap

                    Whoa, what happened in here?? Too much football, huh? I better not say nothing about being for both teams that LOST! :p

                    Anyway, coffee's on and I'm feeling like a cheese, ham, and mushroom omelet.
           is what it is...


                    • ......howdy dooooooo all of you!!!! :Wave Just makin' my roundz this mornin' .... happy eatin':p
                      Never squat naked in spurs


                      • Goodmorning, Rose. Have a good weekend? Some people were busy in here last night, it seems. I'd better get to cleaning.


                        • Hi Luvs. Want a Western Omelet? Or maybe a Denver Omelet?:p
                 is what it is...


                          • ...why thank you kindly Radiant Rose!!! I will take both! I'm starvin' this mornin'. I broke my wrist this weekend so I wasn't up to eatin' this weekend... how was yer weekend? :D Good mrnin' Traci! :p
                            Never squat naked in spurs


                            • Hi Traci, I'm cleaning too. This isn't bad compared to the sweet potato/pear mess my grandbaby had all over him, me and the kitchen this morning.
                     is what it is...


                              • Oh NO, Luvs! That's awful. Was it your typing hand? Need some help with your horses?

                                Here's your Western/Denver combo with lots of potatoes.

                                My weekend was fine, helped my daughter move out of her apartment. We'll clean and paint next weekend and hopefully she'll get her deposit back.
                       is what it is...


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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