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  • traci you want me to fight him??cuz i will...i'm feelin like fightin somebody anyhow....i'm all jumpin back & forth between bein sad & bein mad...i think my best friend hates me or something..:Cry he won't talk to me & i tried & tried but he just won't! he's tryna act like i did something but i didn't! *sniffling*...boys are stupid...:Cry *curls up on the floor*


    • Good morning everyone! Well I only have one more week to enjoy being off from work and school. I am glad you are ok Traci. How much damage to your jeep?
      Life is more than what we see...


      • Re: Ten years later!!! *C how I am?!?*

        Originally posted by powwowchic49
        Thanx so much Bllue! Surgery will be within two to three weeks. Just went to the IHS today and they poked at me, and looked at me, and laughed at me *aye!!! GAAAAH!!!* LOL

        The only thing Im worried about is what Im gonna miss on while Im @ the hospital!!!! ~AYE~!!!

        SURGERY!?!?! WHAT???? What did I miss? I've scrolled back a few pages and can't find anything. What's going on with my powwowchic49? :(

        DHG--thanks for the offer. I was just about to lay into him with my choice words when one of the witnesses saw what was about to take place and jumped in between us. And all I try to do is love--what's with all the hate lately?!?!? But, man. . .he was really gettin' on my nerves. Imagine the nerve of some young jerk all cussing in MY face while my baby is in the backseat, scared, crying, and could have been injured. Oh, his karma scale just got waaaaay off balance yesterday! Friggin' a*&%$$*)(^*^*^^$%$%--can't even say what I want to!!! Don't made me go off!
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        • *comes in & heads straight for the potty*

          damn porta potties down at the powwow aren't cleaned out yet again...ugh...good morning everybody...*waves on her way out the door*


          • Traci - sorry to hear about the accident - very happy you and your baby are okay. Darn punk drivers - glad we have a graduated license system up here in manitoba - kids have to wait 9 months after they get their learners to take the driver's exam then wait 18 months before they get the full license - there's all kinds of restrictions on them during the learning time.

            PWchic49 - hope your surgery doesn't keep you laid up for long - thinking of you!


            • Traci - Thank God you and your baby are OK. Jeeps are replacable.

              PWC - Good luck on your surgery.

              Hi, SE. I just stopped by to get some lunch to go. Big meetings today and I gotta get my --it together.

              Hope to see you at the powwow later today, DHG.

              Where's Luta? Was she up til sunrise at the 49?
     is what it is...


              • Thanks for all the kind words folks.

                And what is it with insurance companies? "Well, if you put this claim on your insurance, your rates will go up."

                Excuse me! I pay x-amount of dollars every month for INSURANCE so that when I have a wreck my car can be fixed. I don't pay those rates just to be a good driver (which I am). One wreck--that's all I've ever had and now they are telling me my rates could go up for ONE claim!?!?! Here--at least use some lubricant next time you are gonna. . .nevermind. . .


                • Originally posted by wyo_rose

                  Where's Luta? Was she up til sunrise at the 49?

                  shhhh rose don't you remember she got all those room numbers last night??:p


                  • Luta is MIA huh.....

                    LOL.....So all you Niners...How is it? Hell is it still in effect or what....had to head off into the sunset, ayy early....
                    "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


                    • Brrrr its cold out there.
                      I'm gonna make me some hot cocoa!

                      don't worry I'll clean up my mess...

                      Sorry to hear about the wreck. I swear DFW is the one of the craziest places to drive and learn to drive here? Fugggeeedddabboutttiiiittttt!!

                      Glad to hear everything is ok....

                      I gotta warm up a lil then head back down to the ground to see if I can get more pics for my website. :D
                      The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


                      • Hey - whats up peeps

                        Hi everyone - Just doin my part to keep the cafe from slipping onto the next page.

                        Man - am I stuffed. I ate and ate and ate, Geeezo now I have to work out extra or work it extra AYEEEEEEEEEEEE;) :p


                        • man it's 9 below in mn .good morning stoping in to make some freash coffeer bbrrrrr its cold.( going out to get some wood) ok the fire's going ahhh better in here now . good thing so reds don't drop out of site have to keep her up top. ok all well see you later.


                          • Good Morning everyone - coffee is on - thanks for getting the wood in Moose, it's nice and toasty in here, I've got breakfast cooking in the back. Hope you're hungry this morning. Where's Shirley - I mean Rose. :D Missed you guys yesterday but I was um, uh - out of pocket all day (and night) :Chatter :Mad
                            Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                            • dang...... echoes in here

                              ...where is everyone? I thought I was the only one that had a two day nine geez, that song "don't stop til you get enuf" kept playing over and over so I thought it was like a omen and I just said to myself "okay". And the rest is.............. nunya
                              Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                              • hay good to see you . glad to help out .how bout some hash and egg's black coffee
                                please and thank you , do you need any thing else?


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