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  • Oh man!! I forgot your jingle class was Mondays. OK. I'm gonna break out the digital camera and try to take a pic of the moc pattern for you. Just remember to edge your canvas moc top with bias tape, or it might not last the evening! :p

    Who's your brother? First name only's ok. I know (almost) all the kids here. Is he that one I had to get after?? JOKES

    Well, I'll be having class during Bingo for Books, but gonna sneak in and get some chow! I think they let you play all the cards you can handle!! 20's a good number, don't you think?:Chatter is what it is...


    • gaw, at least!

      His name is Gary Lee Jr. He's the really SKINNY one! Tell him to eat more!

      Bias tape! Hey thanks for the tip, I hadn't even thought of that. Do you think the canvas alone will be too limp? What do I do to make it stiffer???
      :p cool indin woman :p


      • Good Morning all!

        Where's my Sis? They told me to come up for air, so I did... But everyone was gone:(

        How's things going at the Cafe?
        I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

        Hella Handles....


        • OK, I'll tell Gary to eat all his lunch! Actually today is hamburgers so that probably won't be a problem.

          Here's the picture of a baby moc pattern I just came up with. For the littlest mocs I think it's good not to make a left and right.

          Anyway, I just took the foot tracing, cleaned it up a little, then made the outline for the top curving out like that. Just place the foot about 1/2 inch up from the edge of the paper and sketch a few lines, seeing how they look. Fold it in half and cut the top out on the best looking line.

          Just for reference, the foot is 4 1/4 inches long, the top is 4 3/4 inches from toe to heel part, and ended up 4 3/4 inches wide at the heel part.

          AND if you still have some wonder under, just make a double thickness of canvas with that!! Edge it with Bias Tape where it will meet the sole, and where the raw edges will be at the top.

          Does that make any sense?
          Attached Files
 is what it is...


          • Hey Tobauxie, I'm right here - you okay???? Been worried to death about you. YOu better come up for air more often!!!! Geeez, trying to make me have wrinkles.....
            Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


            • Hi She AND Luta! Where you guys been? Almost turned this into an outfit making thread... JKS:Chatter :Chatter
     is what it is...


              • How's the new ride Rose???? Can't wait to see it over at denver :) Hopefully :(
                Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                • Oh Tobaux, Don't worry! I'm good.

                  No wrinkles for me, K?

                  I've been just trying to get everything back to some level ground. I'm tired of walking up hill both ways... AYES!

                  I missed you guys:)
                  I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

                  Hella Handles....


                  • ;) I saw that you little sneak, how are you? How are YOU ctryprincess? I'm starved, lets eat some pie and ice cream and coffee, hahahahaahah Dang - no kettle corn tho :Chatter
                    Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                    • we missed you too Toe (aye) you even missed the powwow and the beaded thong contest (which me and Rose won) :D
                      Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                      • For once I'm not starving right now! :) I'll eat though!
                        I'm doing just fine, Red, and yourself?? Are you going to Denver March??????
                        :p cool indin woman :p


                        • Yes, Rose, you make sense! Thank you so much!!!! :)
                          Mmmm... Hamburger day, I used to love that!!
                          :p cool indin woman :p


                          • Ctry: They fooled us: It was corn dogs, but not too bad. I can handle that a couple times a year. Good luck on the mocs.

                            Well, Luta, the car is nice. Reminds me of a little rental I once got. But it will get me around, and to Denver for sure. But it's White, which means it's grayish with black streaks.:Chatter

                            Hi She. We all missed you. How's things going over your way.

                            And Luta, YOU won the beaded thong contest. I couldn't figure out how to put mine on, and used it as a headband.:p
                   is what it is...


                            • Hey - whats up peeps

                              Just dropped in to say Hi and Bye. It lunch time so I just came to pick up my to order. Thanks I have to get back to work. I usually don't have time to go home for lunch but had to pick somethings up. Well later ndn peeps

                              ****Speeds of back to the Office****



                              • Boy, I guess it's a good thing I missed that go round. Red deserves to win the beaded thong contest. She has longer legs:p

                                And rose won the headband contest? OKAY.......

                                I'm glad things were fun. I was having fun too. Just don't ask others how much fun they were having Toys, the world is filled with toys. Some just don't know it???????
                                I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

                                Hella Handles....


                                Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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