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  • "serves you rigth,chuggy,trying tomess with your aunty :Mad
    *cleans & binds snagles wound,goes to webscouter thawing out by fireplace ,finishing his cocoa,"come on guys we gotta rescue ralph......,GAWWW...who knows what chuggy has in mind..:Shocked :Eyepopper :Scared
    traci..if your still around keep a watch out for chuggy's return she has lost her ever lovin' mind
    Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


    • *laying in the woods with leaves & sticks in my hair*

      looks around..

      (where the heck am i??)

      *looks at arms*

      oww..i got little teeth marks all over...:Cry


      • * heard on the scanner there was some trouble over at the cafe', and I'd hate to see anything happen.*

        *Walk in the door to find Traci standing in the corner with a large butcher knife and a crowbar, and watching intently out the window. Webscouter is still shaking by the fire, and Little Cricket is tending to SNAGless. He has been attacked by a very large animal*

        *Traci is standing in the corner with a large butcher knife and a crowbar

        *I go back out to my car to get the first-aid kit and to grab an extra blanket for webscouter*

        *Walk back in the building, hand Cricket the First-Aid kit and webscouter the blanket*

        *Wait patiently for them to tell me what the heck happened*

        Last edited by Dawg Stylez; 01-26-2003, 11:41 PM.
        J~Dawg - the one and only!!!
        In NDN Paradise!!!


        • :guns: (comes in all Hillbilly style) I heard a gosh awful commotion down this away....Y'all just say the word & i'll call in .......THE NEXT OF KIN.......
          Last edited by MorningStar4; 01-26-2003, 11:55 PM.
          :35: :2: :)

          "When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced.....Live your life so, that when you die, the world cries, and you rejoice."

          ~*~The truest most pure form of when one sees you with their Heart....before their eyes~*~
          ~Quote from a friend~


          • Originally posted by MorningStar4
            :guns: (comes in all Hillbilly style) I heard a gosh awful commotion down this away....Y'all just say the word & i'll call in .......THE NEXT OF KIN.......
            Hell yeah - tell those cousins of yours to stop kissing and help out.

            LMFAO :D Kissing cousins GAAAAAAAAAAAAH:p


            • *sitting in the dark picking sticks out of hair*


              *looks at arms...bites are beginning to swell*



              (is anyone out there somewhere?)

              *hears rustling in the trees*



              • superndngyrl has od on meat pies & kidnapped delicioushoneygirl...who's gonna help me find her???:(
                Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                • *heads out door grumblin.."fine,I'll just go find those two by myself.".:Mad ..turns back round.. "guess I better grab a flashlight..what am I gonna do with that neice of mine..dayum chuggy & her meatpies.."..heads out into the cold,dark night*:Mad
                  Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                  • (walks in the door :JawDrop wow ) geez them girls hmmm I think we need a vet to start then then a dozer to clean in first we need some wood ( goes out back door and back in with a arm full of wood ) ok stoke the fire, and time to clean, {hour later} wow well its done well time to start some coffe and sit by the fire a bit. well we just have to cut chuggy off them pies now :Thinking
                    Last edited by moose man; 01-27-2003, 06:05 AM.


                    • Holeh! What the heck happened in the cafe?? *shocked* Looks like we'll need a vet or something.... Hmm..... Where's my bacitracin at?? I'll leave it for delicious, she may need it. *sigh* I can always hit PHS and get some more later. :)
                      :p cool indin woman :p


                      • GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINES!!!!!!!

                        Wake up, wake up, wake up! The sun will be rising soon! Greet the day!! :D

                        Hopefully Red's ice machine works in here... *sigh* Darn Ethete Store, doesn't put ice in their machines until after 8 am... Do they think people only drink HOT coffee?????
                        :p cool indin woman :p


                        • Good morning! :supperhap

                          Yep, there's plenty of ice here, ctry. And boxes and boxes of Equal!! Did you ever use the tablets? They are so handy. (I'm using up my bosses Equal tablets here at work.)

                          Sorry I missed the fund raiser powwow. Did you go? I drove by about 7:30 after a long day cleaning my daughter's apartment and it looked pretty dead at Blue Sky.
                 is what it is...


                          • *still laying in the woods waiting to be rescued*


                            *hears rustling in the trees*


                            (nobody is going to rescue me?!)

                            :Cry i'm going to be in chuggy's meat pies....:Cry

                            *chuggy bites on arms are red & swollen now*

                            *wondering if i'll turn into a monster too*

                            *and i have a cold too*:(


                            • Hi.

                              The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


                              • Hey Little Cricket - Wait up!

                                MorningStar4 - we need your next of kin to help us search for ralph. Let's get a search party formed.

                                Who's going to help out me and Little Cricket?

                                Anyone have a map so we can figure out where to look?

                                It's cold out - so the sooner we can get going the better.
                                J~Dawg - the one and only!!!
                                In NDN Paradise!!!


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