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  • What the?????? danggg looks pretty bad, think I will go home and make coffee and come back later when things get back to normal.

    See you all later:Wave


    • Chuggy, it's gonna be ok. I'm still your friend. :)


      • well it back to normal if there uch a thing as that . how is everyone ?


        • *comes in cafe all outta breathe* "no..mooseman things aren't back to normal yet:Yell ..They found Ralph but Chuggy,my neice that went crazy yesterday, hasn't turned up yet but when she does:Mad ..I'm just gonna park my butt in the corner booth 'til she shows up..then we'll have a serious chat about meatpies...
          traci, I love chuggy too but the gurl was outta control..:Mad
          Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


          • It's gettin' late & it looks like chuugy ain't gonna show..probably sleepin' it off some where...;)
            I'm gonna take me a double mocha latte & a piece of pie(no, not meatpie ) to go and see if I can find where chuggy's hidin' out!!:Yell
            Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


            • walks by looks in . Puts head in door Anyone here ?
              Sees cyote hair and cake and twigs and leaves and blankets laying everywhere . I heard about all the comotion but didn't know it was this bad. :Shocked
              Looks around again "wonder if it would be safe for me to go in and clean up ? "
              Walks in glancing nerviously around . :Scared
              Finds broom and mop starts cleaning up .
              Sees pie on table . New topping ? looks like giant chocklit curls. Ewwww no . Its covered in leaves .
              Shakes out blankets and folds them up .
              Looks around again puts up broom and mop .
              Leaves still wondering how all that cyote hair got in the hot tub had to drain it to get it all out .
              Decides not to wonder about that........


              • Is this still the redhorse cafe???? Any coffee around???

                I'll stop by later.... :)
                :p cool indin woman :p


                • Good morning all - hey ctry, you want some ice coffee with equal? I'm going to make some hot for myself and Elvis if she comes back. Frying up some bacon and sausage in the back and getting ready to put the eggs on. You wanna stay and have some breakfast? Things have gotten a little wild around here - I'm staying on today to get things cleaned up and back to normal. The fire is even out in the fireplace and the ashes need to be cleaned out - I'll go get my bucket and load up some wood....
                  Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                  • Good morning! :supperhap

                    Luta, let me get the ashes cleaned out while you get the wood. (I'll do the easy part!:) )

                    Mmm, do I smell bacon??
           is what it is...


                    • hey I'll get the coffee going while you two are dealing with the fire... I can manage that much! How are you both this morning?
                      - zeph


                      • *comes shuffling in covered in bandages*

                        hey red can i get some coffee and morphine?? lol jus jokin...he he he... did i not specifically say i wanted coyot bites?? i got chuggy bites instead...:Mad ....i think she's normal now isn't she?? keep her away from the meat pies...:(


                        • Good morning, thanks for the hot coffee Luta. Seems like you have had your hands full for a while here.

                          Do you have any of those raspberry-cream cheese muffins left? They sure were good. Think I will play some good old Native Flute music - get things off to a serene start anyway. (puts on Kevin Locke)

                          There, now to sit by your cozy fire AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:32: :32: :32: :32:

                          Someone make sure I don't fall asleep in this corner - I am so comfortable;)


                          • Hi Zeph, Thanks for the coffee. Finally dumped the ashes. ach - hoo!! ;)

                            Elvis, you're making those raspberry - cream cheese muffins look so good. I think I'll have one, or two.
                   is what it is...


                            • okay - here's some fresh muffins, I went back and made some fresh for you Elvis - want one Rose and Zeph? How's everyone today? I'm so glad to see the place cleaned back up. I smell like bleach now...... :D
                              Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                              • Thanks for the muffins, Luta.

                                Nah, you don't smell like bleach, you just smell clean!!
                       is what it is...


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