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  • Originally posted by LittleCricket

    PWC , don't forget ,you got 2 cyber-aunties here..;) and like my great-granny always said those with the longest reach get the most!. and she wasn't just talking about at the dinner table!!.I'd hate to have to reach out and grab that fool ex of yours!!;)
    Gotta admit I grinned when I read what happened to his regalia.:D

    LOL Me too! Jus a lil grin though, not a big ol evil smiley grin! lol

    Like I said, I figure, He poisened my body, so Creator poisened his regalia. And sure, you can leave it outside and it will eventually air out and be alright. But it will always be tainted.

    Heck with him!
    ..::First ever 2002-2003 Princess::..
    ~*~*~* The original POWWOWCHIC49 *~*~*~
    *~*JINGLE IT*~*


    • *does the happy dance 'cause PWC's done with the boy!!!


      hey PWC.. wanna celebrate with a baloney sammich & strawberry kool-aid??:D
      Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


      • Look who stopped in for a late-night talk at the Cafe. :)


        •'re out late!! ;)
          *keeps happy dancin' 'cause now Traci_m's here..*. :dancer:
          Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


          • Hey, I'm about off to bed, but wanted to give you a BIG HUG! Did you see coyot came back? That's such good news, huh? And I got your message over on the "Do we think alike" thread. I'll start doing that. You hanging in there ok?


            • I'm doing good,hubby's working too much :( again..Had a virus this week but it only laid me out hard for one day..:)
              Big HUG back :D I tugged yot's ear when I came in tonite ;)
              he was crowding the floor space in the corner booth..:p
              Your Mr. still workin' alot of hours???:(
              Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


              • *heads towards kitchen in search of Luta's pie!!* :D
                Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                • [ walk's in the cafe ] brrrr no one must be here well time to do some busy body stuff and get some wood and get that fire going --ok now TIME TO WARM THINGS UP


                  • Morning everyone - how are you today? *pulls open the blinds in front of the cafe to let the sun shine in* wow, look at that sky. What a beautiful day - still a little cold though, Moose could you get some wood? And help me get the pies out when you're done - purty please :49: how was your night? I taught aerobics and then had to do my motherly duties and then snoozed off - I made some cobblers this morning too - we have peach and blackberry and a big old tub of vanilla ice cream. Got some more surprised for the lunch special. Guess I should shut up and get to work init? :Chatter
                    Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                    • Good morning,

                      Cobbler with ice cream sounds like the Perfect breakfast! It is a beautiful day!

                      Finally shaking my cold, so we went to work out early this morning. I'm feeling so good, I think I'll clean all the windows. I used to do this professionally, you know.
             is what it is...


                      • Hey Rose!! Glad you're feeling better - thought you'd like some dessert for breakfast :Chatter Ima have me some pancakes, my fav are chocolate chip pancakes, you just add chocolate chips to the batter and make em like reg. They are SO good!! You want me to make you some? Ever made fresh blueberry ones? Those are good too!! Okay - I'm gonna make some and some sausage that sounds good huh? :Chatter
                        Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                        • well luta i got that wood in this morning so were all good with the wood . and here some freash oj for red you need some for that cold of your too


                          • Goodmorning all! Ready to start the weekend. Hey, I'm thinking of starting a thread about "weird phobias/thoughts". For instance, I have this one (it's probably the one that crosses my mind most often) that I am going to be looking out the back windows of my house (which different sections of the back of the house are positioned so that you can see other windows in the house from them--as in, it's not one, smooth, flat wall all the way across the back of the house). . .So, I'm going to be looking out of one of those windows and see an intruder looking back at me from inside ANOTHER one of the windows in my house!!!!! Like, he's in here, but I don't know where, but he's playing games with me by looking back at me through the windows too! Does that makes sense?

                            I've had this thought for years! Is it really weird or does anyone else have these little hang-ups?


                            • DANG! You had to go and mention Chocolate Chip pancakes!?!? KISS OF DEATH! Oddly, that is one of the things I have been craving most on my low-carb diet! Think about it--you got your sweets and your carbs and your butter all in one dish! OK, but I'm strong. I'll just have some here in the cafe.


                              • that sounds creepy Trace. Maybe you should nix the late night movies :Chatter I have some weird phobias too but not horror movie style. Stuff like if I have an extension cord plugged in its gonna catch on fire so I get scared to go to sleep and I'll lay there until I get up and unplug the extensions cord. OKAY, this is probably like post traumatic stress disorder more than a phobia since I've had it ever since my house burned. :dontknow: takes a bite of a big old chocolate pancake. *muffled* thanks for the wood Moose, and the OJ - you're right. I do need it
                                Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


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