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  • traci

    Yeah well she was way out of line. And I got a whole lot of love for the sioux:2:

    Want some chocolate?:D


    • I need chocolate!

      And a song!

      I'm on my last nerve:Cry :Cry

      Am I doing things terribly wrong?
      Should I be punished?
      Or am I just getting the short end of the stick... in the eye?:Mad
      I've learned that you can't make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. :)

      Hella Handles....


      • Help yourself to the chocolate and don't be so hard on yaself;)


        • Originally posted by traci_m
          THAT G.D. YOTE!!!!

          Where is his love for me??? I do nothin' but be friendly to him and he always thinks he's got to try to make a fool out of me. It's like he goes out of his way. He does not do that with anyone else. . .:Yell That little ****! :Flame

          ugh men, I know;)


          • And then, he's gonna read this and give me some line about "Well, I was just playing. . .I guess I can't tease you. . ."blah, blah, blah. . .*eats a big hunk of DARK chocolate*

            She. . .trouble in paradise, girlfriend?


            • What tha. . .and now I see not only have I NOT won ANOTHER poll on here, but on one I didn't even get a damn vote!?!?!?

              *pulls out bottle of Crown and lines up five shot glasses*


              • And now there's nobody in here with me again. . .just me and my Crown. . .:Cry

                This bites!


                • *takes a shot* You know, I voted for Little Cricket and she didn't have any love for me and vote for me! She voted for herself, 'cause I see she got TWO votes! Little Cricket. . .And I have so much love for her. . .*takes a second shot*

                  (;)--note to little cricket, it's the booze talkin', not me. . .)


                  • *takes another shot* You know. . .where is Snaggles. . .he always has love for me! He has love for all the other ladies too. . .but hey, I gotta get my cyber love where I can now.


                    • And now, here I am, just sittin' in the damn cafe, talkin' to myself again. . .

                      Well, you know what. . .my grandfather always said when there's a lack of love, gotta start givin' a little more. . .

                      *goes to the kitchen, pulls champaign bottle from the fridge, pulls jello from the cabinet, gets out paper cups, boils water. . .*

                      So, here. . .I'm gonna cook up a feast for all my friends, and make some jell-o shots, and then what? Prob'ly nothin'!

                      *goes out to bar and takes 4th shot*


                      • *busies herself with frying up chicken, making homemade honey mustard sauce for dipping, green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, macaroni and cheese. . .*

                        *mixes water with jello mix. . .adds champaign. . .stirs for the required time. . .puts in cups and puts in fridge. . .*

                        *goes back to cooking. . .home made biscuits. . .apple pie. . .black berry cobbler. . .chocolate cake. . .*

                        *sings a sad, little, pitiful song, with the words kinda slurred*


                        • You alrght in here traci?

                          This food looks good I'm going to make a plate.

                          I looovvveee chicken.


                          • don't be so hard on yourself traci. it's just one of those days.

                            I loooooove chicken!!:D


                            • :5: :blow:
                              :33: DUCK!
                              plz visit our interactive website at:


                              • traci

                                well I had to go do some shhh... but I'm back.


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