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  • Yep, Hot Mama. Enjoy your leisure while you can. I bet your business is gonna keep you hopping! is what it is...


    • *gets on body floaty in the water and just chills*

      Mmmm. . .hot mama, this drink is tops!


      • Where's DHG? I wanna buy her some applesauce!

        Girl I am so sorry I said that thing about your pic! I can see now that I've made my own av that it just makes everyone look that way!


        • Hi SE! I think everyone should have their pic as their avatar. Hmmm, I guess I should do mine, then.
 is what it is...


          • *peeks at pool to what dhg's doing, getting too close to the deep*

            Somebody tell her to get back to the steps. Let me get up & get another round for a moment of meditation.

            *hops up, adjust bottoms :blushing: grabs pitcher pours everybody fresh :drink: , holds up glass*


            *slams one down, catches balance, walks back to hammock*



            • Originally posted by wyo_rose
              Hi SE! I think everyone should have their pic as their avatar. Hmmm, I guess I should do mine, then.
              Yeah rose - do one - it is so liberating to not be anonymous anymore!


              • Careful, Hot Mama! Stagger straight. jks:p

                Yep, here's to dreams. *slams it* I got a dream to have my own business or businessES. Best of luck to you with your endeavor.
       is what it is...


                • *hears what SE had to say....peeks up....grabs wet rag, wods it up, chunks it upside his widdle head*

                  Boy don't say things like to her K?? She was a little upset yesterday, I dont like to see my nieces get their feelers hurt like that.

                  *puts head back down still mumblin*

                  *boy don't know I've had a bullet proof in a few....*


                  • ummm ok... *hops out of pool and makes a lil bed out of floaties*

                    *has a sip of applesauce and drifts off*

                    ahhhhhh TACOOK.... :2:


                    • Hi tashunka!


                      • Ummmm. . .nevermind. . .I'll keep my mouth closed.


                        • i like how ntvmanness comes in here and says hey to momz like shes here....:Chatter


                          • Hey! Anybody here?


                            • ummm i'm here... :)

                              lol it's just dead here :Chatter


                              • I know. Next time ntvmanness comes through here we should hold him hostage aye! :p


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