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  • Good morning! :supperhap

    How is everyone? I'll be here until 2 today (if anyone cares :p) and then I'm going home to pack for the powwow.

    I can't leave until after my flag football game this evening. Usually our games are in the afternoon, but this is championship and it's under the lights at the highschool. Hopefully we're gonna kick some BUTT!!

    Then it's off to Cody, I think I'll get there at 1 AM. is what it is...


    • *does happy dance across the floor to coffee counter to dr up coffee cup*


      I'm sick as hell but I'm happy for this day!! My kids came over last nite for a surprise visit Traci & I'm sooOoo happy todayyyy!


      *walks to buffet, grabs cresent & sausage, slaps them together*

      ...AND!! My man & I had a little tiff this morning & I'M STILL SMILIN!! :D

      Where's Yot??

      ...*hummin*...he can do whatever he can do, I can do what I want to, I don't care he's the stup-id one................:devil


      • Girl. . .who you trying to fool? You know you just had that fight so when you go to the 9 you can be all "guilt free". ;) ha ha ha I'm glad you go to see your kids last night. What a THRILL!

        DHG. . .Where 'bouts you going into Oklahoma?

        Rose. . .of course we care! Silly girl.

        Yot--he's probably chestering about, waiting for us to get topless in the pool before he makes his presence known. ha ha ha


        • *Perks Up!*

          Hey trac!! Your right!! We had a tiff & just like those damm pw boyz do, go off & leave........ya cool off!! MMEEEE TOOO!!! Thats sooo cool, I'll play his game.

          *I never win but I'll try like hell this time*

          *Runs out to car, grab teenie weenie red bikini, runs back in cafe to pool*

          I forgot all about that trick......

          *jumps in pool, pondering giving up the top;) *


          • lmao we're sposta go to OK... but i'm not sure where cuz he said he don't have a house now!

            lol i'm like "whatta bum" aye...

            soooooooo i dunno


            • Starting a fight so you can go out. Yep, been there, done that, and had that done to me many a time.
     is what it is...


              • *jumps in with hot mama and throws off my top*

                *dives under water to touch the bottom of the pool in the deep end*

                Haven't been in the pool ALL week! Good idea!


                • DHG COMING TO THE HEARTLAND???

                  *wut to do*

                  Find out where your going baby girl, might have to hook it up for one wild one like butterfly's par-tay!!



                  • can i swim too?? i gots muh floaties!:D


                    • i'll find out where... lol gah just takin off with someone and i don't know where we're even goin! :Chatter


                      • How well do you know this person, DHG?


                        • SSEEEE!!!! We have watch out for you girl!!

                          *pats dhg's widdo head*

                          *still swimmin, throws off top*

                          Good idea trac, it feels good in here. DHG, Get those floaties on!! Come out here w/ us, I have a one of those long floaty thingys by my chair.

                          *feelin little throb in head still*:Teeth


                          • lol sinna its MC.... lol i'm all scurred now....:p


                            • Midwest City??:Thinking

                              McCloud.....MC....lets see.....what cha mean MC??

                              And what cha scurred of, the party or MC?? Or not knowing where your going, or WHAT??


                              • ok youre burnt or i dint make i meant i'm going WITH MC... millard... duh... :p


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                                  Redhorse Cafe -- the Food Truck
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                                  Hello From FLorida
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                                  I’m a new member in town` and I’m so honored to be a part of PowWow community. Hope will to get to more friends and knowledge....
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