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  • Dang you jumped from one place jumped over to scurred....MY HEAD HURTS!!

    Not too fast this morning, gah.

    *splashes dhg, swims under water*

    .....I need a little of the dog that bit me yesterday....Can I????:Angel2


    • Girl. . .a bit of careful advice. . .I would not go running off to another state unless I really, REALLY knew the guy. As in. . .knew him and trusted him for a LONG time. Why would he want to run you over to another state unless, at least, there was a destination?

      Is someone gonna know where you are? Now my mommy instincts have kicked in, and you know, DHG, I don't do this unless it is important.


      • lol ok.... i'm all happy again.... aye i'm just bouncin back 7 forth between happy & scurred....


        • well yeah... jeeeeeez.. lol jk... yeah everybody knows where i am... except me... aye no but my mom knows i'm going and stuff and i'm comin back up this way for st croix pw anyways.... jeez i wouldn't go if i had anything to be afraid of... i'm not THAT kind of scurred.... just... scurred... aye.... excited... or sumfin... :D


          • Sounds like fun!

            But you know we'll all be worrying about you until you get back.:(

            Dang, how the time flies. Better get some work done, so I can get paid next week. Going to the powwow with no money. That sucks. Happens all the time tho.:p
   is what it is...


            • DHG. . .I know you are a smart girl. I just had to check for my own sanity. :)

              I always told my folks where I'd be, even if it was some place they prefered I not go. It was like a deal we had. "I'll tell you where I'm going if you won't use it against me." ;) It felt good to know if I didn't show up when I should have, then someone would come looking for me. Of course, this was when I was older. When I was younger, man. . .my mom was so protective of me. I understand now, as an adult, because I was their only child. They only had one, period. . .and if something happened to me, they would have just about died. :(

              Anyway. . .have our boobies lost their effects, Hot Mama? I don't see any coyots lurking in the bushes. :(


              • magic boobies???



                • OK, Hot Mama. . .I saw where grand entry is at 7:00. What time you gonna get there???


                  • I'm a cheap secretary!!

                    Where'd you find it?? I should be there by 7ish....purple cup filled to the gills!!

                    Dhg, we will always worry until you get back here safe. Too many mamas here to not let you go w/out the old be careful, safe & all that.

                    *pinches munkie cheeks*

                    We juss wuv our widdel baby guurr!!

                    *checks traci's boobies & mine*

                    We're too fine girl, Yot is just missin the show fo sho!!


                    • hey now easy on the cheeks... remember...theyre attached to my face:p

                      i'm just feelin like a clown right now


                      • Oh well. . .his loss then, huh?

                        *backstrokes across the pool to be extra tempting. Looks around. Still sees no coyot. Thinks maybe she sees Webscouter lurking, but knows he won't come out.* ;)

                        *wonders when Webscouter is going to make some more ice cream for the Cafe.*

                        Hey, I found a site online--closed the window, so I don't remember. I could try to find it again I suppose. Anyway, they had some contact numbers on there, so I called to make sure that it wasn't rescheduled (DUH--that would suck to drive all that way and not have the pow wow) and grand entry is at 7:00.

                        You know what. . .I just bet yot has hopped a train down to Oklahoma. He knows we're gonna be out cruisin' and he wants to watch us in action. LOL! :Chatter


                        • thought yot was in crooklyn?? oops wait... am i crushing wild fantasies here??? i sowwie....:p


                          • Yeah--QUIT spoiling my fantasies! ;)


                            • Mines crushed.


                              • *lifts up head*

                                Hey, I heard Yot was a fine one. Where's his picture in the gallery guys, I want to see.

                                *swims to side, jumps out of water, hops down on chair*

                                I'll be right back. I'm gonna make me some 'punch', its Friday so I would like to continue to party, drown my sorrow & get rid of this damm headache.

                                *throws on robe, scoots threw cafe on out the door, back in w/ goodies*

                                Here baby, some applesauce. Here trac, got something special this this tall cup just waiting to Kick ya azz!



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