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  • LUTA!!!!!!!!

    *runs give big welcome back & where the he!! ya been hug*

    *runs back to traci, gives another big hug*

    I'm so glad your not peeved. BTW, I wanna know a secret about somebody on here too. Pm my nosey azz K?

    How was your wkd dhg?? Going out to the pool to rest it off or what??

    Now we have to make a killer lunch just Luta coming in as is...she looked cool though. I'll whip up some fry-bread & ya'll make whatever ya want to go w/ it, how's that?


    • "Proof"

      Well...........Do Explain......

      (Coyot just sits and smiles....Chesire Cat Style)
      "She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying."


      • *Yot sho knows how to observe or cat around!!*


        • *helps Rose peel potatoes*


          • Thanks, Traci. I just HATE peeling taters. But after they cook comes the fun part. I just swish 'em between my fingers to break 'em up before mixing in the other ingredients.
   is what it is...


            • Where'd my babygirl go??? I missed all you guys too - I told you guys I was going TDY back in May 'member? Okay, maybe you don't and then it just creeped up on me and I had to leave and couldn't say bye. Sawry. That's all part of being a secret squirrell. Hey hot mama, I wanna know a secret too :D hee hee. Man, Rose I'm ready for soma yo good cookin girl!! TOmorrow I'll be in bright and early to take the cookin over so you guys can relax awhile. How's the pool been? Did we ever get any helpers hired on for the summer? *takes a drink of her diet coke*
              Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


              • The pool is great, and has been getting a LOT of use.:p

                Oh yeah, Hitman took a vacation from his resort and said we could borrow his massage staff, or any others that we need. Let me get a masseure over here to rub your footsies.;)
       is what it is...


                • Yeah, the pool has been the best gift a'ers ever got. I love to go out there, drop the top & float around!! Traci & I did Friday, we thought Yot was sick or something, he didn't prowl aroun then.

                  What cha gonna make to go w/ the fry-bread. Traci jumpin all on the potatoes trying to avoid flippin!! -aye-

                  So Traaaacciiiii! How was that powwow???

                  *still has hands all in dough getting ready for the massive flippin & fryin*


                  • Hey, you get the skillet hot and I'll do some flippin, NSN.

                    I liked the pow wow--not too big, but not as small as I thought it would be either. And the best part. . .I didn't see any wannabes as vendors! ha ha ha ha There was this one man and woman that also vend down here at Trader's Village Pow Wow. . .now, it's JUST me, but I don't like them. And it's not 'cause they look white, because who am I to say whether or not they have some ndn blood. . .BUT he is always over-priced and I see his shawls and jewelry and such and think "I bet he has some ndn's making this stuff, he buys it for dirt cheap, and then turns around with his big mark up." I don't know. . .I don't like to speak ill, but this is the impression I get when I see his eyes. He's this fat, slick-looking, very hairy man. Can't see his teeth when he smiles. And his woman/wife always looks so sad. As you can tell, I've seen him quite a few times. ha ha ha

                    There was only one grass dancer. :( But he could move. :) The men's fancy dancers were great! They did lots of intertribals and a snake dance and a buffalo dance. The drums sounded good too.

                    There were also lots of tiny tots at this one. . .all so CUTE! Those little girls with their jingle dresses and those little boys with the grass dancer outfits! Just made you wanna go "awwwww". ;)

                    I'd go again next year. The park it was in is really pretty. Lots of trees and greenery.


                    • And I think quite a few of the winners were Pawnee or had some Pawnee if I remember hearing correctly. ;)


                      • Hey, Luta. OL Chemist went to Oklahoma with me for the pow wow. She said she hung with you and ponemagurl at GON. ;)


                        • what powwow in Oklahoma did you go to? Yeah, I met her at GON, I guess ponemahgirl knew her from on here. She's a nice lady. :)
                          Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                          • speaking of powwows - where's everyone going to next? Me and my girl are heading up to the Oneida powwow for the fourth of July and then (shhhh.....isa secret from Rose) Cheyenne Frontier Days so I can see my fren. :Chatter THEN we're going to Bear Creek while we're in SD for Sundance in August and then.......:Chatter
                            Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                            • where'd everyone go???
                              Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


                              • WHA???? CHEYENNE??? YES!! I'm planning on being there for the last Thurs and Fri. Gotta see Alan Jackson, but you just let me know when you're going and we'll tear it up!!

                                HOLAY! I think I'm gonna have a stroke! :Chatter I just saw my cousins that I haven't seen in 20 years, and things are just going TOO good. Excuse me while I faint into a booth....
                       is what it is...


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