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  • *hops out of pool, all drenching wet* I tell ya what's going with that bread. . .*pulls out bottle of Cuervo* Where's those damn limes? *stomps off to look for limes and salt and shot glass*


    • ...:D ....follows traci to find some whatever she needs to knock out some GOOT stuff!*


      • *slices up her limes and heads to jukebox. plays "You Suk". sits down and pours herself a double shot.*

        Want one, nSn? :devil


        • *slams shot and sings chorus*

          Now, you suck. . .

          *can't sing rest of song, because mods will get me*


          • *sittin by traci waggin tale*

            Hit me w/ one girl!!


            • WOW! She drank that one and then just disappeared! ;)

              OK, so now I'm up here, all alone. . .with just my booze to keep me company. Oh man. . .I need LIttle Cricket or DHG or SOMEONE to show up and keep me outta trouble. :(

              *eats a piece of fry bread* Hey--this DID turn out pretty good.

              *why he always have to be knockin' on me like that? Thought we were buds an all. . .*


              • Originally posted by Lady Di
                :dvhill: hey, you guys want me to take yote out in the woods and help him lose his way for awhile?
                :Chatter That was funny. I just saw that. . .ha ha ha ha


                • *then he's just gonna say 'I was just playing around'. Why do men think that's gonna fix everything?*

                  *takes another slug*

                  AND IT'S SPELLED GULLIBLE!

                  Sheesh. . .'fore you crack an insult, you might want to spell check.


                  • Hi Traci. Let me sit here and help you finish that jug. No lime for me, just salt:p

                    And all I can say is, "Sheesh! Men!"
           is what it is...


                    • *clinks shot glasses with Rose*

                      I hear, ya, sistah! ;)


                      • *Hmmmm. . .I thought I saw Rose online. . .maybe not*

                        *goes to the back for a skinny dip*


                        • Whoops! I was here, just into my sewing here in the corner. Got lots to get done before this weekend.

                          And all this tequila doesn't help. :Chatter
                 is what it is...


                          • you guys hittin the te-kill-ya without me!? set me up with a shot. my favorite. :devil
                            Lady Di

                            En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


                            • *hic* Here you go, Lady Di. I was just about to drink myself under the table.:Chatter
                     is what it is...


                              • thanks rose, make mine a double. hee hee don't want you too far ahead of me! :Chatter
                                Lady Di

                                En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


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