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  • Okie-dokie. Do you go for the lime and salt? is what it is...


    • you bet! although, as mad as i am right now - - - i could go it straight :Yell
      Lady Di

      En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


      • What's up, girl? Shall we smash our glasses in the fireplace?:p

        The liquor delivery man left us a free case of double shot glasses and I need to clean the ashes out anyway. is what it is...


        • sounds good to me. oh, it's work. when i started this job she promised me 20 to 30 hours a week, now she just keeps cutting my hours back, 1/2 hour here, a couple of hours there. you know the story.
          Lady Di

          En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


          • Chay! That's barely 1/2 time. How's she expect you to live off that??:Yell Dang cheapskate boss!!

            I think we need another bottle. OK - here's a refill.
   is what it is...


            • i hear ya there. one of the "perks" of the job is, if you work 4 hours you get a free sandwich. seems like i always get sent home a half hour before my 4 hours is up. hmmmm oh well. i'm not gonna let that bother me now. let's get "toasted" and go for a swim. fill er up! :Chatter so how you been?
              Lady Di

              En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


              • Can't believe your boss is so tight with her sandwiches.

                'Nyway, I'm fine. Recovering from a weekend of hard work in an Indian Taco stand. Now I need to be sewing, but my heart's really not into it.

                I'm up for a quick swim. The water is probably just right and the underwater lights are so cool.
       is what it is...


                • Well, nite nite. Better go home now while I can see only double. Quadruple and I'm worthless!!
         is what it is...


                  • sorry about that, got a phone call from my b.f. in Ohio. he's coming out here sometime soon to visit and then he's gonna move out here. cool! anyway, the pool lights do look great. i better quit too before i get to blown away. i haven't had a drink in a looooong time. hee hee thanks for the company and the shoulder. :) i feel better now. see you tomorrow.
                    Lady Di

                    En boca cerrado, no entran moscas


                    • Cool! I'm happy for ya!! I haven't had a drink in a LOOOONG time, too. But I gotta go home and work on some mocs before I go to sleep.

                      See ya manana senorita.:p
             is what it is...


                      • *gets back into pool to skinny dip after hiding her drunk *** in the hot tub* ;)



                        • hmm..wonder where all this broken glass is doin' in the fireplace??
                          * spys half-full of tequila bottle , half-eaten lime slices * :D

                          *Pours BIG old shot, grabs some lime *

                          wonder where the salt is?

                          EFF !! the salt..:devil

                          * wanders out to pool to see who may be about..*:Chatter
                          Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                          • Hey Cricket. . .it's me. ALL of me. Ah well. . .don't have anything you don't have, and I've never been bashful. But if you mind, I'll put on something. I'll stay in the water. . .helps ease my headache.

                            *swims away from smell of tequilla*


                            • you ain't bothering me ,'s cool..
                              he!! , as slow as late nites are around the cafe , maybe it will help bring us some customers.. :devil

                              I'm so0o0o glad luta's back.. :bouncy:

                              ya know if ya hadn't stopped drinkin' ya wouldn't have that headache :p , at least not for awhile anyway..:Tongue

                              loved the " spellcheck" by the way..

                              I'm as nosey as everyone else :Chatter PM me ,too ;)
                              Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


                              • *grabs thong bikini from purse*

                                can't beat 'em , join 'em..:devil

                                * dives in water..dunks traci..*
                                Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved


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