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  • *looks out in back yard*

    The peach trees are just weighed down with peaches. Now if they'd just ripen I could bring some peach preserves to the Cafe. (Or for real. . .send them out to all my Cafe buddies--we have a butt load of peaches this year!)

    And my grape vine. It's so full of these green grapes that keep getting bigger and bigger. They are beginning to get sweet and they are seedless! How lucky is that?!?!?


    • Originally posted by DeliciousHoneyGirl
      hey traci let me know whats up... i'll make your baby some moccasins:D
      Thanks. :) So, I assume no news is good news since you didn't share anything with us about your doctor's appointment yesterday. I'm just gonna go with that. :)


      • yeah pm me bout the moccasins...:)

        and yes no news is good news... otherwise id be in here cryin at my mom and aunties....:Chatter

        where's uncle?? i miss him!!!:Cry


        • Originally posted by DeliciousHoneyGirl
          where's uncle?? i miss him!!!:Cry
          Your uncle has left his burrow for the pw trail. Will not return till Aug 18, so he said......:Cry

          Everybody's missing the TIME, dang scary!! I'm glad got the ol tubies tied in a goot knot.........well, it was done at an ndn hospital.....dang, wish me luck!!!:Scared

          *looks at punch, :Thinking *

          Will cross that bridge if I get there!! You guys do the same. Its hard wondering cause one minute your mind wanders way off into mama land then pack to panic land. Too many emotions.

          *:drink: downs that one fast*


          • I hear that Hot Mama! Girl. . .ain't liein'. One moment I'm like "Awwwww. . .a baby with her little baby hair, and smell, and clothes, and smile." The next I'm like "Oh sh!t--getting sleep two hours at a time, pacing the floor, doing the 'bouncy walk' to get the baby to sleep. . .etc." WHEW! I'm tired just thinking about it.

            Sometimes I think the heat effect people though. That's just my strict, non-medical observation though. Seems to make some folks irregular with their cycle.


            • Wow - babies!? I would love to have another one but alas - I am not crazy enough to go through that again!


              • I've always wanted 4!! But the good lawd gave me two, I guess its true.....HE only gives you what you can handle.

                *jumps in pool to cool off*

                Whats on the buffet now?? Or have you wondering girls ate it all!!:Chatter


                • ok well i'm not in panic land bout the sleepin a half hour at a time or anything like that... i'm in panic land bout how i'm posta take care of two by myself... my baby i have just got a dad... aye well he said he's her dad... ... ...:Chatter

                  but no whatever i just dont know mannn.... i bet it is the heat huh traci??


                  • We'll know in the morning, when I wizz on that little stick. LOL!

                    *takes a dip in the pool to get cooled off as well* Damn. . .it's a scortcher down here today where I am. I bet it got up to 100.


                    • Heaven help the Cafe if it's true--y'all get to see "pregnant Traci" then, who is even more insane than regular Traci. :Chatter But y'all are women, so you'll be just fine. You know when to tip-toe, when to hand a kleenex, when to rub feet, when to smack me in the head and say snap out of it! Ah. . .you guys are the greatest!

                      *BIG GROUP HUG!*


                      • AWWW, Thanks traci!!! Its hot as hell here too!! Can cut the humidity w/ a knife. Hey traci, are you still coming to stroud?? Just want to know cause we still are.

                        *walks to dhg*

                        Come give aunty a hug girl, I've been up late wondering if your gonna be MAMA or if you gonna be your MANS MAMA!!! Makin me go off on him like a bad habit!!!


                        • i think both... ok it wasnt funny but whatever... just not right now... :clap:


                          • Alright. . .well, I took my pregnancy test. . .:D


                            • *walks in cafe', hear's someone in the bathroom*

                              IS THAT YOU TRAC??

                              *puts things down by stool, gets coffee counter going*

                              I think I'll make something but I wonder whats taking her so long to come out?

                              I KNOW.....*runs to bathroom & bust in door*

                              WUD-IT SAY??


                              • Well, I'm making a doctor's appointment, but I think I am pregnant!

                                The tests (I've taken two) don't show pregnant within the three minutes time frame, but after five minutes, it gives me two lines--which means pregnant. When I called the doctor's office, she said any kind of positive within ten minutes usually means pregnant. So, I am just waiting to get an appointment, then we'll find out for sure.

                                But I'm going with yes for now. :D


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