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Arrrgggg auto insurance!

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  • Arrrgggg auto insurance!

    I am sooooo mad! December 2003 I was in Dallas Texas visiting in-laws. I was at a redlight (stopped of course) and all of the sudden this little nissan truck rams me from behind, he was going at least 35. No screeching from putting on brakes or no warning what so ever! Bam! I was hit so hard the vent from the dash of the brand new car came flying out. My sun glasses went flying off my face...I have medical bills going up into the sky.. All they will give me is 1160 dang bucks! And thats with me having a lawyer too! The lawyer is giving me back all my papers and told me to deal with them. And she told me that this has to be taken care of by the 2nd year anniversary and that's this December... I tell ya, insurance companies and lawyers suck! I have progressive ins. I think they are great. These off the wall to keep you legal should be shut down!

    Has anyone here had to deal with ins. co. like this? Tell me how you delt with them.

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    Hey, don't let them tell you that. You're supposed to have a statue of limitation spanning three years from the date of the incident. I went through the same thing. Only the butthole that hit us had been drinking. I got the run around and ended up settling for 10,000 bucks. Great price for nerve damage and a life time of pain. Write the attorney a letter releasing them from their obligations and find someone else. Chances are they haven't done anything anyway. Get on the horn and talk to a myriad of lawyers (shudder) about potential representation. Don't let them do that to you. I am so mad. The insurance company isn't there to help you. Their job is to keep you from getting paid. Find someone that will represent you, someone that knows the ropes and go from there. Don't deal with the insurance company unless EVERYTHING is in writing. They'll try to make things miserable for you and your attorney. That's their job. Stick to your guns and raise hell.
    SHAKE IT!!!!


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      Luckily nothing serious yet. Only a small fender bender but it cost $3000 to fix my car. I fixed the car and 6 months later the trans blew and it was totaled. My luck.

      NJ is the worst. I pay $1800 per year. My friend in upstate NY pays $400.

      I may be "moving" to pennsylvania soon.
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        Thanks singing otter for the advice. I'll check with the texas dept. of ins. to see just how long their statue of limitations is. That ding bat lawyer told me 2 years. I get pissed everytime I see the commercials from lawyers that are here in Georgia, they are agressive as hell! But since it happened in Texas I have to find a lawyer from there. I'll work on that this weekend. I've already told the ding bat to send the ins company a drop letter and she is sending everything back to me. Just to get my back re-aligned was 4000... plus xrays and regular doctor vixits for pain meds.. plus hospital.. and they think a crappy 1160 will be of use to me?


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          I dunno about insurance...I dun pay the insurance...i'm not even 12 yet...BUAHAHAHA


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