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    Alarm clocks for the ones going away to school.
    SHAKE IT!!!!


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      If they're going away to school or moving to their first new place (and not family), I give them a box or basket with paring knives, dishtowels, spatulas, wooden spoons, a small cutting board, can opener, a good screwdriver, soap dishes.... Little things that help set up a dorm or apartment.


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        Originally posted by Lakota_Lady
        My daughter's best friend does her own beading and sewing so I was thinking about getting her a gift card for one of the fabric stores or hobby lobby.
        That's a really good idea, I know that I would appreciate that as a gift.


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          lotsa great ideas here...

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            yep, good ideas from good people! ;-) thanks.
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              All of these are great gift ideas - money, camera, memory book, I think anything personal is awesome - let that person remember you alarm clock is a great idea like Singing Otter said - keep the ideas coming...

              I think anything to a graduate shows them that you are proud of their accomplishment...

              To all the grads - don't forget to send thank you cards -- it makes people remember you more during other milestones....marriage, baby, etc. It is just good to know that you appreciated what they gave...
              Everything is gonna be alright!

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                If you know where they are going to college how about a gift certicate to the college book store.
                Otherwise I give journals and those plastic gift cards for places like Blockbuster, Target, Walmart, ect. they are for a set amount and the numbers can not be changed like on a check.
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                  College Graduation?

                  Originally posted by SideSteppinMom View Post
                  yep, good ideas from good people! ;-) thanks.
                  Hi all! I know this is an old thread, but I just read through it all and think these suggestions are great! I have a different sort of question though. I'm looking for gift ideas for college graduates. It needs to be small enough to mail and the gifts are for Native students from across the country so it's quite a question! Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!


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