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    lol yall ain't right
    SHAKE IT!!!!


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      Good Morning everone! You guys are curaazy! I love the rez mocha idea. mmmmm sounds delish. And about those chocolate covered coffee beans....I was sittin out side of Moxi Java my freshman year of college with a buddy of mine...first time in a coffee place cuz I didn't even know they exited....anyways this was downtown Boise, ID and watching those cars drive by was hillarious! I just about broke my neck watching them zooooom on by! I guess you had to be there! MOTs, I think you should be snacking on em! Have a good day peeps!
      "Last night, I played a blank tape at full blast. The mime next door went nuts."
      -For nightvision like an owl, you'd need eyes the size of a grapefruit!-


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        Originally posted by wyo_rose
        BEGs, I'm sure you'd love my favorite: coffee and whiskey!! Yummers. Haven't had any since I broke up with my ex boyfriend. Maybe that's a GOOD thing.

        Haha!! real tough coffee! lol


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          Originally posted by Joe's Dad
          Early in the morning, I'll go to my neighbor's house and drink about three cups of black coffee, then I'll come home and drink a cup or two with French Vanilla stuff! Then I go to to the bathroom cuz I have to pi*s alot!!
          too much 411.... and coffee...


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            morning cereal
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            so how do u make it?

            what ur favorite cold cereal?

            whats ur favorite hot cereal?

            have you tried milk from a can with cereal?

            what else have u tried?

            as for me, i was never a cold cereal kind of dude from when i was very young...
            07-21-2009, 11:36 PM
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            Every single morning before the sun comes up, I find my favorite mug and make my way to the coffee machine. I turn on the coffee machine, rinse out the pot, fill it up with water and add coffee grounds to the filter. When it's ready, I fill my mug and add sweetner and milk. *Awwwww I'm ready to begin...
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            What's Your Best Feature(s)?
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            Im bored and an insomniac..okay.. here's what i think mine are:

            my eyes
            my hands
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            by sunkato
            Everyone - help me with good excuses to use to call into work *because I need a day off*!!!

            I can only say I'm sick soooo many times before I have to acutally be sick
            01-16-2006, 08:51 PM
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            Cracked Heels
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            I have suffered from cracked heels and cracks on the ball of my foot for years! It was pretty gross and painful as well. During the winter it gets a little better wearing socks all the time, but spring is almost here and I'm going to wear sandals until it snows again.

            I'm just posting...
            05-08-2009, 03:26 PM



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