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Looking for business partners. Serious only reply.

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  • Looking for business partners. Serious only reply.

    I'm own a telecommunications franchise marketing a disruptive
    telecom technology(like when the phone replaced the telegraph). If you have heard of VOIP(voice over internet protocal) then you know what I'm speaking of. This is a serious, and honest business op I'd like to offer to anyone wishing to own their own life. I'm not looking for salespeople, but people that are willing to let me teach them marketing.
    Anyone with multilevel marketing experience is gonna be blown away by the compensation package. When you reply I'd like to know two things: Where do you see yourself in two or three years, and what does it mean to you to own your own life.
    This is a very simple business. You can work it on your own time and make money by simply showing people how to make money by buying for themsleves and teaching others.THIS IS NOT A PYRAMID. This is MLM and I have the perfect product to market thru MLM. I will send more info to serious people only and will sponsor and teach you the business. I wish to involve as many NDN people as possible but race is not important, only desire.
    I made $1000 my first month with less than 6 hours works. You do the math. I left any hourly wage job and now own my own life. If you want the same, let me know. Thanks.
    Must be over 18 years of age.

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    That's almost like being a pro......fessional something or other.


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      Originally posted by badmaninc
      That's almost like being a pro......fessional something or other.
      Don't understand what you mean by that. Just offering an opprotunity to make some serious money by starting your own business at home. Sooner or later damn near everyone will be using VOIP, so if you want to position yourself and cash in on this technology get in contact with me. Too bad you think so negatively of something you know nothing about. Your loss.....
      Hope you can live on your social security checks when you retire, if you have any coming to you. Read the papers. I did and I decided to take matters in hand. Perhaps some of you would like to do the same. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
      You can't win if you don't play. Think about it.


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