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Anyone want to share ideas on dealing with kids?

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    i see nuttin i tell nuttin

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      Originally posted by andre
      The best punishment I have ever seen for throwing rice in the cafeteria:
      The teacher bought a 5lb bag of uncooked rice. Each of the two boys had to arrange the rice in large spirals on the floor. Each tier of the spiral had to be exactly 3/8" from the previous spiral, and the full spiral was 8 feet square. It took them about 6 hours after school, for 3 days! The teacher even measured and made them start over a couple of times!
      Now THAT is a punishment! The worst school punishment I had heard of before now was My mother had to write the Declaration of Independance every day after school for 6 weeks. (then my grandfather found out what was going on and put a stop to it.)
      Her crime, she laughed when a teacher slipped on a banana peel in the school auditorium. The teacher tried to make her tell who put the banana peel in the floor and she refused.
      Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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        this one time, grade 3...i spat on the school and i got outta class all afternoon, cus the teacher made me wash all the way around the building....which i did and i kept spittin on it the whole time


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          Originally posted by Annie Fawn
          Whatever you do DON'T let them put her on Adderall! I had a foster son come into my home on that stuff that had severe ADHD and at 14 and 5'1 he was only 79 pounds and constantly sleepy! That stuff is a weight loss and sleeping drug along with being used for ADHD. I had my dr. change him to Concerta and when I could get him to swollow it instead of spitting it at me it worked.
          I know another kid that sounds like your daughter and they put him on a mild sleeping pill for the day time as well as a heavier one for night time and it seems to be helping according to his counslers. Not sure I like the idea of it though. Too much druging going on in his case.
          Adderol was the second drug we tried last summer.. it was worse than the ADHD.. she was getting depressed, moody and yes, constantly sleepy... only took it 2 and a half weeks and thought... this is crazy! We have to change this...We have been on Concerta ever since, but are on 36mg of it.
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            Let me know how it goes. Have you talked about trying other drugs? Summer would be a good time to do a drug change while she's not in school. You could also see what the internet says about drugs avalible for ADHD and what possible side effects each one may have.
            Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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