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Receiving Honors At Powwows

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  • Receiving Honors At Powwows

    I was at a powwow over the weekend and they honored some Vets. Now one of the men that they honored is not a real vet he tells people he is and even tells stories about the war(s) . The problem is he wasn't there. He received a less than honorable discharge after serving less than a year. Should I report it to tribal council or let it go he is pretty well known in the community it can potentially stir up a lot of bad blood.

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    I can tell you what I would do. I'd leave it alone. I guess primarily because I was taught that lies always have a way of catching up with you. Let that person dig their own hole and bury themselves... and your hands will be clean. Just my honest opinion ya know?
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      I've seen this too. I would report it myself. Someone has to start it or everyone will be waiting for someone to do something about it and nothing will get done.
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        If he recieved a dishonorable discharge, then he was in the military, he may have been a Vet. Do you know this for a 100% sure fact that he is lying about his military record? Then you have the right to tell someone that maybe some research needs to be done on this person.

        He who lies will be the one with egg on his face! That he has been honored, from his lies, will only make matters worse for him. We have had that happen in this area, thankfully we have enough military personel in the area, that can look into such a farce, and has happened, and people shunned as a result!

        The best way to handle it, is to let someone know, that something is up .... not neccessarly what. Let them ask around, and possible research the matter ..... Let the records speak for themselves!
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          "Receiving Honors At Powwows" that and thought

          it was gonna be about someone getting an eagle whistle or something.

          I'd trust Ndnsoldierboy's word:

          Originally posted by Ndnsoldierboy
          I've seen this too. I would report it myself. Someone has to start it or everyone will be waiting for someone to do something about it and nothing will get done.
          I love that song, let's turn the music up!

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            I would think more research should go into selecting an honoree. From what I understand of most Veteran organizations, they have to show a honorable discharge document or other proof of merit to be a member or etc.
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              Marine Man

              I aready know for sure he never fought in any battles... was in the Armed Forces under a year.
              And by the way is less than honorable discharge the same as dishonorable.
              He did recieve an eagle feather along with money and other gifts.


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                I once received an honor song along with many riders who didn't go to war but tried to finish the war we once had with the whiteman for our country.
                I rode on horseback 1600 miles from Saskatchewan to Wyoming.
                Everyone has been to war and if you want to stick with veterans when it comes to Powwowas that is okay but don't forget we still have a battle going on in our own country and there is such a thing as being honored in a traditional manner.


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                  Yeah, but he tells everyone that he did go to Iraq, that he did go Panama, Cuba . He is taking the stories of others and calling them his own that is not honorable.


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                    I think you should tell. This person should not be getting "Fame And Glory" For things they didnt do while someone deserving is probably keeping quite WITH honor.
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                    But I've been told it's the other way around!


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