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    What do you think about Black Indians,not based on the phony website but from family , powwow experience, or just life philosophy.

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    I think my younger cousin is adoreable and the adults I've met have all been nice. I don't think it has anything to do with color so much as if you are raised to be respectful to others. Every race and culture has it's "trash" people.
    Why the question?
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      By me being a Black/Cherokee I think that its good that Black Indians are being recognized by many people. Like Annie Fawn said, every race has its own trash people. So to me I think if you have Native in your blood, you should be recognized & respected. It shouldn't make a difference what the color of your skin is.
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        Actually, this type of topic should of been posted in Native News and Issues. Many of the threads I have seen lately should be discussed in that forum. Having said that...

        To me it is the same thing as a white person being mixed blood with ndn. It makes no difference to me. Pll are ppl, some are good hearted some are not. As long as a person is good spirited, Hmmm, maybe a little mistiff mixed in (lol), then it matters not. The color of a heart is always red...
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        But I've been told it's the other way around!


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