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  • Native American History Month

    My name is Adam Jacobs. I am Lumbee and I am a Computer Engineering student at North Carolina State University. As you all know, November is reserved as Native American history month. I spoke with the RD of my dorm and she told me that I could organize some sort of activity for next month to present Native American culture to the other students. I am trying to think of different things that I can do to make this thing a reality but I need some help. Please post any ideas or offers of any services such as crafts presentations that you can think of. Thanks a lot!!!
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    I believe it is Native American Heritage Month in November and Native American Awareness Month in April (FYI)
    Here are some events we plan to have here at UW-Superior in November

    *Elders Day (Invite all elders from community & feed and let them share teaching & stories, etc)
    *Traditional Craft Display/Vendor Sales/
    *Regalia Making (Informal with elders teaching how to make moccs, etc)
    *Traditonal Foods
    *Dance & Drum Expo/Teaching-Invite a dancer from each category & ask to expo their style & teach others to dance/sing
    *Games Day-we have moccasin games & some know lacross

    Hope this helps. If you wanna swap ideas drop us a line [email protected] (American Indian Student Organization) or 715-394-8007
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      The big question you have to ask yourself first is what Native American History are you talking about: How others have viewed us or how we actually lived. Do more than just a song and dance. Do some of the cooking and other traditional work you used to do in your area. As an example in our area, we have fished in our stream for our winter smoking salmon for generations. I have now been getting my wife and kids to do the same. Our responsibilities as NDNs dictates we do this to pass on what we have learned from our relatives. I have taught my children that when we fillet the salmon we return the innards to the sea so that the cycle is complete. They have fed off shrimp, crab and other type of sea life. When they get returned back to the sea, it feeds those sea life. Our people have done this for eons all over this continent. We don't waste. This is just one example of how we pass on our teachings. It isn't anything magical or awe inspiring. It is something many do without thinking. My son and daughters know how to catch, clean, fillet, hang and smoke fish. They will in turn teach their children. Its what NDNs have been doing for years.


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        How much will other people be willing to learn anyway?

        I hadn't realized Monday was Columbus Day! We've been too busy.................. had I KNOWN I could have "celebrated" by eating a PIZZA (Italian food, I jokes!)...................... Why do Native Americans get appointed ONE month of the year to "recognize" their history any way? I think if we are willing to share our culture, then the venues and opportunities to educate folks who DON"T know about Native Americans should be far more than just one month. All of this continent is Native American. We live a Native American life. Every day should be Native American Awareness Day in North America! any hoo, thats my two cents..........................


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          All really good ideas posted! Tell stories, teach the culture to pass it on, learn the language...etc...
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