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What's the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

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  • What's the most disgusting thing you ever ate?

    Once when I was little I was dared to eat a locust......

    I pulled the wings off first.

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    One time when I was in 4th grade I went to this white girl's house to spend the night. We ate dinner at her house. And they served Brussel Sprouts. I never had them before, so I popped one in my mouth. It was nasty, so I took a big swig of Milk, which was what I had to drink. Those two together, was the most disgusting thing I ever ate.

    And I was always taught to be polite and eat or drink what someone gives you. So I had to just swallow the whole thing.


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      An oyster!!!


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        One time when I was about 8 years old, my mom made me eat Squid.

        My mom gave it to me without telling me what it was first. She just said it was good, so I ate it. Then when I was done, she told me it was Squid. I felt so sick afterwards.
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          Eeeeewww squid... Now that you mentioned it, I ate it too without knowing what it was... It was just plain nasty!... Oysters are better.. I tasted cow heart before.. that was weird, tasted pretty good cooked over a fire..


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            Round here where Im from, folks will take the oyster and clams..stuff like that...right from the bay n suck it right out the shell.....makes me wanna barf just thinkin about it....ILLLLLL!
            blah blah blah....


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              I'm not sure whether it was the haggis or the deep friend calamari (squid) that had apparently been cooked by someone who worked for Goodyear.
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                one of my ex's used to cook hamburger helper and I hated it....thats all she could cook...
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                  Originally posted by little wolf
                  An oyster!!!
                  Dude, that's considered a staple around here.


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                    Can't believe nobody said this question should be in the 49.


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                      Ahh...maybee we should switch forums.....*jokies*
                      blah blah blah....


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                        Originally posted by badmaninc
                        Can't believe nobody said this question should be in the 49.

                        Maybe we should take it to the '49'!

                        Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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                          Originally posted by Ndnsoldierboy
                          one of my ex's used to cook hamburger helper and I hated it....thats all she could cook...
                          A guy asked me over so he could cook me dinner and that is what he served, there was no second date!
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                            I once had a fish sandwich @ a truck stop north of denver. I came right back out in less than 30 mins.


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                              this arabian girl i know @ skool brought this food that i guess her family eats. it was like rice wrapped in grape leaves & dipped in oil,it was so nasty. i spit it out in my paper towel, & told her it was good,lol
                              who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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