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    I volunteer in the cascade raptor center.

    Believe me there is nothing like working with all these lovely birds. The Balds are so different than the Goldens the Bald as we say in Raptor world BAEA where found as adults and they got to get to know you to be ok with you messing in their cage. Male is Aelous Female is McKenzie. The Golden are fully convinced they are human. are human imprints and are so laid back when you go in their cage to clean ( seeing they are glove birds ie they are trained as education birds) the handler feeds them.

    Male is Messiah Female is Amazon they both will get very close to you.

    Then uriel a red tail hawk will let you pet her tummy once she gets to know you.

    Today I am nt sure if it was the weather or what all the hawks and eagles were highly vocal.

    I also get to feed baby barn owls On they are so ugly they are cute. WHen they eat they make noises like air escaping or the suction of the dentist. Then you put the bites of food in their mouths fairly far back.

    I got my faves too ( seeing you can see them all at the website. I will use their names :-) Hemes and Tempest
    are Falcons. Tempest will take ( offer it from glove )and if you approach Hemes correctly she will as well. ( I am gonna get to work with her more once I get my 100 hrs of volenteer time in.)

    Ki is a red sholder hawk she is spirited we have the same temperment ( she is very apache *grins* )

    Of the Owls Ravi and Opa ( not sure they are on the sight) weso westren screach owls cute little things and are in the clinic. Highly human imprinted.

    and then merry and frodo are forever close together. I know think on our Owl dance and see where it all comes from. Seeing rarely are the Owls apart from each other.

    The hawks and eagles well they are close but never as close as the Owls. Usually the smaller Owls do this more from what I have seen.

    SO seeing them in the wild I learned even more respect for them free . Being I work with them in the cages. Trust me they are very strong birds. We got to help ( all those interrested in handling the birds) with beaks and talons being clipped and physicals and powered for bugs. Those who needed their annual shots got them as well. I think they do it again in the spring .. Which I can not wait for next time.

    I am living with a man that is white but sees native ways alot. We bonded back in May 28th 2005. He is truely wonderful. Moved me 3000 miles to be with him. Guess that is Love *grins*

    Thanks for listening

    Osa Nathuma Cochise
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    That's cool! It's always fascinating to work up close with animals, especially when you would normally get your head pecked
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      Kin you send me a few center eagle feathers and plumes. Seein' they trust you, you kin probably pluck them right out.



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        eagle feathers

        Originally posted by Kiwehnzii
        Kin you send me a few center eagle feathers and plumes. Seein' they trust you, you kin probably pluck them right out.


        Well we all know how the government has their hands in everything taht rightfully should be ours. I will have to do my best. I get a few from time to time but they are strict on them *rolls eyes* Fish , game and wildlife dept seems to have a great deal of who can and can not have feathers. Even with my BIA card that is just not enough. I hate it we lost so many rights. But that is a whole topic in itself .


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          That sounds like a cool volunteer job! Does your center take shows to schools or pow wows?
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            Originally posted by Kiwehnzii
            Kin you send me a few center eagle feathers and plumes. Seein' they trust you, you kin probably pluck them right out.


            Dude, that made me laugh. I thought I was the only one that was cold-hearted. That's what I was thinking when I read the post too.


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