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  • Tell The Scariest Ghost Story

    Tell your scariest ghost story! Boo! And things that go bump in the night!

    This story happened when my sisters and I were teenagers and coming home from a powwow in Oklahoma during the July powwow season. We had just passed a scary stretch of road that has no houses and lots of trees called The Gap. Back in the day people used to get robbed and hijacked in this area.

    We were slowing down to make a right turn down our grandpa's road when my older sister who was driving and I saw this guy standing on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He just stood there watching us turn onto the other road. He looked like an Indian guy with shoulder lenght hair wearing jeans and a blue flannel shirt (remember this is summer in Oklahoma about 80 degrees at night). But the freakest thing was his face looked very white and kind of distorted and not quite right.

    We both tried not to look at him but he just turned his head and watched us make the turn. My othter sister sitting in the backseat didn't see him. And the strangest thing is my sister and I saw him again when we went to school at Tahlequah, OK some 200 miles away!
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    Maybe Hez stalking you guys...hehe
    blah blah blah....


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      Scary stories....

      I could and should write a book on all the scary stories me and my brother here's just one of the hundreds...

      When I was in high school I lived with my grandfather and an aunt, in the house that belonged to the church that he was a pastor at. My bedroom was a makeshift room in the furthest corner of the basement--my walls were made of sheets hanging off the ceiling. There was a washer and dryer down there with a flourescent light hanging over the top. When someone was doing laundry, that light was left on until their laundry was finished and taken back up stairs.

      I went down for bed one night, and noticed the light on. I figured someone was still going to come down for laundry so I left it alone. As I'm laying there, I hear my grandfather come down the stairs and walk across the basement floor toward the washing machine. I knew it was my grandpa because when he walked, his feet made this "chsshhh chsshhh" sound as they were dragging across the floor.

      After waiting for a couple minutes, I no longer heard any noise--no one was getting into the washer or dryer, no one was turning the light off. So I sat up trying to listen more. Then I heard someone sniffling, as if they were crying. Then I thought, "Oh it's my Aunt, not Grandpa...I wonder what she's sad about." So I listened more, waiting to hear her get the laundry and head back upstairs. As I was listening, I heard the person that was crying whisper to me "Angie, Angie, come help me!"

      The hair on my neck stood up. That voice was not my Aunt's, nor was it my Grandpa's. My heart was racing and beating so loud that I was sure the "person" could hear it and would know I was awake. I was scared $hitless. My only way out was to run past whatever the hell was out there, to the other side of the basement, back up the stairs. And there were things in the way...dressers, chairs, antiques. I took off--faster than a cheetah and jumping over those dressers and chairs like I was an Olympic hurdler.

      I make it upstairs, without looking back, and run straight to my Grandpa's room. There he was...asleep and snoring. I ran to my Aunt's room. There she was, sound asleep. I woke them both up screaming...and wouldn't go back downstairs for a few weeks.
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        This one night during my senior yr of HS, I had a research paper due the next day, so I was sitting at my comp. researching this dead guy and as I was sitting there reading the info i needed, i felt a cold breeze just come across me and I felt like someone was behind me, i had the weirdest feeling, but i turned around and NO ONE was there, so I continued doing my thang, and like 30 mins later, I was still reading and typing at the same time, when all of a sudden, my kitchen light just clicked and turned on!!! NO ONE was in there but ME!!! I flipped out and said leave me alone, and turned off my comp. and went to my room, put some ashes on my pinky fingers and went to sleep... next day, turns out the research paper was extended to another wk! Phew!!!! but that nite was weird! But strange things do occur, whether u believe it or not!
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          One night when I was little girl, we had a bad storm here & all the power went out so we had to light up the house with as many candles as possible. I was too scared to stay in my room so I went to lay in my mom's bed since she had 1 candle in there to light the room.

          When I was laying there waiting for her to come back into the room, i kept hearing these weird noises as if someone was walking. Just when I went to close my eyes, I felt the bed go down & it felt like someone kissed me on my cheek! Then I heard a soft woman's voice whisper my name into my ear. But it wasn't no one in the room. I jumped out of bed & I wouldn't go back into my mom's room for a long time!
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            Originally posted by katezninen
            Maybe Hez stalking you guys...hehe
            Yeah it got so bad we had to go to the Indian doctor to take care of the problem...and it worked!


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              This isen't a ghost story...but it's scarey! I didn't want to waste a whole thread on it so, I'm posting it here. Check this out...I was just listening to the noon news...A girl got mad at her boy friend and GLUED, yes, glued his privates to his stomach They said it took the paramedics& a dermatology specialist to peal his privates off!
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