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  • 1st grandbaby!

    Well, I am now a grandma. My daughter Nioka(Bridgeport Paiute) and her husband Louis(Duck Valley Sho-Pai) welcomed their son, Drake Louis Jones, into the world on October 13th. He weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long and perfectly precious. Had to be born C-section tho as he refused to turn over and come out the "right" way...yup, that child is definitely a member of this family. Nioka is recovering nicely. Drake has already gained just over a pound as of his last checkup on 10/27/05. Eats all the time, too.

    Daddy Louis is very handy at changing diapers and is nuts about his little guy. His family is all very excited, especially Louis' grandparents, as this is their first great-grandchild. My other 3 kids are proud to be auntie and uncles. My great-aunt is happy she's lived to be a great-great-great aunt, feels really blessed actually(she never had any kids of her own so we're her defacto granddaughter, great-grandchildren, great-great grandson). My dad is proud of his great-grandson, but my mom says she's too young to be a great-grandmother. Oh well, God blesses us on His timetable, not ours.

    I flew out to Nevada and spent a week with my baby and new grandbaby, and had a ball. Took lots of pic's but can't load them thru my laptop. I'm still over the moon with that new grandma glow and already planning my next trip out there. Yeah, and been buying and making stuff for him...grandkids are to spoil, y'know!

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    being a grandma is a whole differnt deal. some ladies never get it or dont want to. its all about self sacrifice. focusing on your life should not be soo important anymore. in this day in age where natives are living in two worlds only adds to the importance. theres a certain amount of responibility to teach the language and the tradish way of life, and to prepare the child for this other life. at some point theres gonna be times when the parents are gonna need help... finding the energy and time to go outta your way is gonna sound crazy, but its the only way.
    thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

    *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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      Congrads on you new little one


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        Thanks. Nioka helped me alot with her 2 brothers, and said that taking care of her own just felt natural. She is a very good mama.

        Wish I could be out there more often, but I live 3000 miles away. Nioka and I talk every day or so, and discuss this and that about things. She was raised with some Paiute and alot of Cherokee traditions, and Louis' grandparents are very traditional people who speak Shoshone and Paiute as first languages and speak them in their home. Heck, Nioka's dad doesn't know more than a few words of Paiute, so she's learned more from her grandfather-in-law than she did from her dad's people, but the 2 dialects are different. Louis speaks Shoshone pretty good and knows his people's traditions, so I'm confident that their kids will be taught well.

        I'm hoping that my grandkids get to spend a few weeks in the summer time with me, so I can pass on some things I know, like gardening and canning veggies, preparing some medicines, how to make soap and hominy corn, how to prepare acorns for eating, quilting, embroidery, braiding rugs, and some other things I grew up learning.

        The great thing about being a grandparent is you have more time and experience in life and can teach in ways parents haven't yet learned. And yes, we can spoil them a bit... in good ways of course. I don't mean by letting them act like little brats, or by buying them stuff all the time. More like doing little things with them their parents mught not have time to do, or sharing special things with them like walks and talks where they get to express themselves cuz they know grandma has time to listen and won't tell them they're being silly or childish.

        My grandmother was fractious and could be kinda mean. I hope I'm like my great-grandmother, who was patient, gentle in ways and words, but very wise and a good teacher. She was very clear about what kind of behavior she expected from us but never raised her voice when disciplining us. She taught us who we were, our traditional ways, and most importantly to remember that Creator is always here with us. I learned alot from her and still miss her.


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          Congrats to the family on the baby.


          Please dont pass down your racist views to the child. Im still PO about what you said.
          90% Angel
          10% Lil Devil

          But I've been told it's the other way around!


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            Congrats!!! Grandbabies are THE BEST!!!
   is what it is...


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              congratulations...being a gramma's great eh....join some club lol...


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                Congatulations ~ Welcome to the grannies club!!

                My 1st grandson is 4 years old, my granddaughter is 3, and the baby is 8 months old. I LOVE it, we don't have to watch the kids 24-7 and that's the best part! We allow my daughter some respite time, basketball is her game once again!


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                  Welcome to the Grandma Club!
                  I have 4 granddaughters & I'm only 46! Be 47 on the 14th.
                  "Riches from the heart can not be stolen."


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                    Yep, Congrads and welcome to the club! Mine are ages 8, 5 and 3.
                    Now before you go wild buying stuff, remember there is the good grandma and the wonderful grandma. The wonderful grandma calls the mom and asks if it's okay for her to buy such and such for the baby. This also saves on double gifts. I learned to do it when my 1st. grand was born in another state and had not only grandparents, but great and great great grandparents alive and buying.
                    Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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                      Pathwalker, what did I say that offended you? I looked back at my posts here and didn't see anything racist, but ...

                      Anyway, if I offended anyone, I'm sorry.


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                        All you got to do is read post #11...
                        90% Angel
                        10% Lil Devil

                        But I've been told it's the other way around!


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                          Please specify which post on which thread. Forgive me for being dense, but I need to know.


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                            i am only 28 and already a gma.. my neice had her first at 15... which was a couple months ago now.. but we are helping her as wwe can..


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                              congrats to you on the birth of a grandbaby
                              I love that song, let's turn the music up!

                              Smilies is not my 1st Language


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